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Archive for May, 2008

Funny Mistic Mirror

When I saw this picture of The Mistic Mirror, I immediately thought that it would be a wonderfully weird way to surprise our house guests. The mirror comes accross as a “normal” mirror in a “normal” environment. However, when the mirror is steamed, a psychotic hand with a knife appears on the mirror. So when your “victim” takes a shower, they will get a frightening surprise. €390  [via Joshspear]


Living Chair

Today I’ve found an interesting piece of furniture on Likecool, Living Chair designed by Vladimir Tsesler & Sergei Voichenko. The design is quite innovative, but I don’t think it is to comfortable, at least from my point of view. [via Likecool]


Eiger North Light

Eiger North Light is a really exclusive light design by Matthias Ries. I must admin that I’ve never saw a lamp like this before. Eiger North Light shows in a provocative way the weakness and vulnerability of preservation and conservation. In order to experience the golden shine you need to let loose your destructive inner.


Tempo Chair

Designer Andrea Ruggiero created this new ways of sitting called Tempo Chair. This unusual seat with an attached surface that can be used as a laptop perch or a writing surface. The design aims to supply a piece of furniture where you can sit and have a short break, take notes, type an email, or have an impromptu meeting in a public space. Tempo chair is good for a informal, transitional seating in public spaces, but I don’t know whether it is to comfortable long-term.  [via Gizmodo]



Pillow with a Map

Printed in sepia tones on lustrous silk twill, this pillow shows an antique map of the Bahamas and each side with different islands. The idea behind this pillow is quite innovative and I really love. In case you wake up in the middle of the night and get a sudden urge to learn Geography, this’s one way.$98  [via Cribfashion]


Beautiful Indoor Sculptures

If you are a nature lovers and want something natural for decorating your room, I can assure that you will be amazed by and appreciate seeing these wonderful sculptures. These classy sculptures look great in any room, especially when put in front of a light source. Very realistic, these sculptures have a lot of details that make them so beautiful. For more such sculptures, you can visit SteubenGlass.



Sherwood Table

This Sherwood Table seems to be from a fairy tale. But in fact this sculptural side table is real and can be a decoration in your home. Handmade from iron, this elegant piece features a glass top and textured dark brown base.$699


Fractal Furniture – Chest of 23 Drawers

Fractal 23 is an interesting piece of designer furniture conceived by Takeshi Miyakawa. From the name, Fractal 23, we infer that it has no fewer than 23 drawers. Indeed, this design is made to make the maximum use of space. If you place the chest of drawers in the corner and want to make use of all 23 drawers, you should have enough space to rotate it. [via Uberreview & Dvice]


Hand Holders – Keep Things Intact

If you want to change a little the atmosphere in a room, you should take look at this pair of hand holders. Made up of resin, this pair of hand can easily mount to any wall and keep things intact, be it keys, soap, bags and so on. You can impress your guests by providing them with their own modern valet. Each Hand Holder prices at $98 and you can get it from Chiasso.  [via Thedesignblog]



Couch with Ottomans- Apple Green/ Black

If you want a great Ottoman look no further. This Couch with Ottomans- Apple Green/ Black will look great in your home. Beanbags are so 80s…update your rec space with a cool contemporary couch with built-in footrests. Dual ottomans tuck away or slide out depending upon where you fancy your feet. This lounging seat is perfect for a dorm, small apartment or family media room. I really love his colors: Apple Green and Black, because our website LOGO also adopts these colors. This attractive couch can be yours and the price is very accessible, just $104.99.  [via Smarter]


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