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Archive for June, 2008

The ‘invisible’ Satellite Dish On The Wall



Sqish is a flat-square-shaped satellite dish composed of plastic that camouflages with the background of your wall brickwork and hides its existence. This product is a really innovative design, and is hardly the most attractive or classy addition to the exterior of a home. Users can sent pictures of the wall work and custom made squishes were fitted on their walls!

[via coolbuzz]

iNeed Massaging Pillow

iNeed massage pillow is a good way to relax your senses and your muscles. It has four dual-rotating nodes deliver a deep kneading Shiatsu massage to your lumbar area. You can shift the pillow on all the places of your body that need to be massaged with comfort. iNeed is available in four colors and can be purchased for $69.95 from here.

[via gizmodiva]

Fabulous Alien Furniture



This spectacular range of Alien furniture is skillfully hand crafted from carefully selected used car and bike parts, tools and other recycled metal components making each individual piece subtly unique. This king of furniture doesn’t look to comfortable, but for a good cause they are excellent.

Patch Old Walls with Lego



This work was done in Bocchignano, Italy, a village close to Rome, as part of the group project “20 Eventi”. As you can see from these pictures, all the cracks in the walls there filled in with LEGOs! What a great idea!

[via boingboing]

Constant Garden Speakers – a music player and desktop organiser


Created by designers Annika Ushio and Vanessa Satele from Umea Design School, Constant Garden is a device that combines relexation and information, helping you during the day with your appointments and besides that, displaying nice garden sounds inside the office to remind you that there ismore to life than work. It’s designed in rubber, and each of those Shrek-ear-like fronds holds a mini speaker that also lights up with LED magic.

[via cubeme]

“PLoP!” – Storage Shelving System


Designed by Joyce Hong, PLoP! is a storage shelving system that weighs a mere 1.8kg and is collapsible. It is a great design for nomadic students on budget. Students can easily carry it home with them, even on the public transport. Apart from the basic 4-section unit, PLop! also has the extendability ability to create more storage unit. Finally, being a paper-based product, PLop! can be disposed of and recycled easily if they no longer have the need for it or if its useful life has ended.

[via yanko]

Omni Chair


In order to make your girlfriend super comfy, you need a Bean Bag Chair, like this.


Branch Bookshelf Inspired by Nature


Inspired by the nature, this tree branch not only is a bookshelf, but also can be used as a coat hook. The designer wanted to take something of the feeling of the flooded environment home, a seed of the jungle to plant in your house which might invade it and take over.


Crazy Garden Chair: ‘Let’s Grow Some Balls!’


Created by Dutch designer Krejci, ‘Let’s Grow Some Balls!‘ chair, which is both a planter and chair all in one. The design is an innovative way to integrate greenery in a seating, and is prefect for nature-lovers. A garden chair that is the garden, users are brought closer to nature by being surrounded with it.


Weatherproof Floating Wireless Speaker



If you want to bring your favorite music into the pool, then you should try this weatherproof speaker. Just throw this speaker in your pool and listen to hours of music in the water!

The Weatherproof Floating Wireless Speaker is available and can be bought for $149.99.

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