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Archive for July, 2008

Calf & Half


Calf and Half can be a great gift for someone who love double-walled glass, and not just for them because anyway is super cool. Design: Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred studio.

An Awesome McDonald’s Billboard


The super creative Leo Burnett ad agency, Chicago created this awesome beyond words Giant Egg billboard for McDonald’s.

Internet Blinds



Do you want a google blind or youtube blind?  [via]

T.shelf by J1studio


T.shelf is a shelving system designed by J1studio and can be built around the existing interior. To assemble T.shelf you don’t require any screws, because it consists of only plywood, cables and zipties.

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vodafone | fold

Interesting advertisement for mobile telecommunication enterprise Vodafone. Enjoy! [via]

Hidden Tap faucet

The Hidden Tap Faucet by Jelmer Moorman can automagically dispense water, sensing the presence and position of your hands and acting accordingly. As you move your hands from left to right under the faucet, water goes from hot to cold just like a regular tap.


Tired Chair by Carl Menary


I’ve never thought that a rubber tire can be so comfortable until I’ve saw this creative Tired Chair design from designer Carl Menary. I’m also a big fan of eco-friendly designs and concepts, so I love this green creation really.



Jigsaw Cookie Cutter


I think cookie is a wonderful food for kids and making cookies is also an interesting process. Here’s a fun tool for making biscuits called Jigsaw Cookie Cutter.   [via]

Turn Your Backyard Shed into Home Office


If you need a home office but live in a crowded house; or want a way to get away from other distractions, then you could try this amazing idea from Lifehacker, turning your shed into an office. I can say that when you see the results, you will want your own office-shed. See Brian’s full Home Office Flickr set for more details. Amazing work!


[via 1 2]

E-Ball Multiplug Connector


In these days we become more and more depended on electricity. There are a lot of electrical appliances, and of course need a lot of power outlets. From Mashallah DesignE-Ball is a small multiplug connector with space saving design, looks cheerful and gives you up to 12 power outlets in a very small area. cool!  [via]

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