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Archive for August, 2008

AirKick® Water


AirKick is a sport and adventure device that will send you flying and get you wet. If you and your friends want to have a great time in a summer party, then AirKick by Jochen Schweizer is shomething that’s perfect for you. It propels participants through the air in a pre-calculated parabolic trajectory using a special combination of air pressure and water recoil technology. The passenger sits in the AirKick and then presses a button when they are ready to fly. Approximately 60 Liters of water are then forced through a rocket nozzle under the seat.  [via..]

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Space Invaders Pillows


As part of Taito’s Space Invaders 30th anniversary celebration, Taito released their new product space invaders pillows in Japan a few days ago. These comfy pillows are perfect for the retro gaming geek. They’re colored black and decorated with pixel images of Space Invaders in a shade of drab yellow and drab gray. There’s a reason why the pillows are colored black – they provide the perfect contrast for the Space Invaders designs which glow in the dark when the lights are low. Come in the two designs: one with a couple of large pixelated invaders, and the other design covered with tons of smaller alien dudes. They’re available for a limited time only and retail for $29.90 a pillow.  [via..]

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Indoor Treehouse Bedroom


A children’s room is the most dear and lively corner of the house. The craftsman at Kidtropolis created this fancy children bedroom that looks like a treehouse. I can sure that kids will love this custom creation immediately. But unless you have a lot of money to build this custom bedroom, you don’t let your kids see the pictures. [via..]

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Bone Candles


Scare away the skeletons with a pair of bone candles. You can get them from Zgallerie

Recycled Paper Tubes Chair


It is a green design. Chilean designers Onceneto teamed up with La Tercera newspaper and created this chair prototype called Conolounge which is prodeced with cardboard tubes from the newspaper printer paper rolls. A steel support provides structure and adds a fetching bright green accent. More info on the studio.  [via..]

Re-Cover lids


The aim of this project is to find new uses for old used products in order to save energy and resources. Called “Re-Cover“, this project offers new life to old glass jars. There are three lines…drink, juice, and grow. found on here.

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Les Bains des Docks, Le Havre by Jean Nouvel


Les Bains des Docks, a 5000 sqm aquatic complex designed by Jean Nouvel has been opened in the historical Port of Le Havre.

Les Bains des Docks is a revitalisation project lead by the city in order to create together with a new shopping centre a unique destination in the long term.

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UnsTable by Raphael Morgan


It’s Raphael Morgan’s another fresh and playful concept called “UnsTable“, and it’s being prototyped in Europe. At a first glance, this piece of furniture looks unstable, but in fact, this table works pretty well; it’s very stable. It has one fixed metal bar inside each leg, covered by this movable cubes.

Designer: Raphael Morgan

Laptop Bag


Very nice laptop bag for apple users.  [via..]

Awesome Mower Concept – Muwi


Four Korean university students designed the Muwi – an automated mower barreled shape to compact grass cuttings into either a ball or a cylindrical block. The blocks can be toys for children to play with or be combined to make a chair or anything else you can think of. I think they are also beautiful decoration for your lawn.

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