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Archive for December, 2008

Battery Charger Looks Like a Toster


Designer Hyun-A Ko’s “Toasty Charger” seems to love eating batteries for breakfast. What a brilliant idea! You simply slide one of your lithium ion batteries in, push the toaster handle down and wait for it to pop back up again. The “Toasty Charger” is compatible with a variety of lithium ion batteries and there’s also a handy dandy color coded LED light in the shape of toast for visual reference.
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Stanley Tripod 3-in-1 LED Flashlight



Perfect for the job site, setting up camp, or completing home repairs, this 3-in-1 tripod provides flexibility of use as 3 separate flashlights or combined for full power as a hands-free Stanley Tripod Flashlight. Stanley’s patented hands-free tripod design makes it easy to set this powerful light up wherever you’re working. And its three 120-degree rotating head make the Tripod 3-in-1 LED Flashlight ideal for emergency lighting around the house or for better visibility on the job.  Product page
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Gokukawa Leather Keyboard



What do you think about this keyboard covered in rich black leather? From Japan, the $548 asking price is kind of a kick in the teeth, especially since there are no labels on those smooth, silky keys. But if you want the key labels etched in, you can get it for $603. You can find this luxurious keyboard over at Wazakura Koubou.  [via..]

Chocolate Fondue by Jakob Wagner


I love this funny chocolate fondue by Jakob Wagner. The chocolate is heated by means of a tealight placed in the lower part of the cup. The upper part is constructed like a thermo cup to keep the chocolate liquid without burning. Funny!
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Cotton Bomb Tissue Holder

bomb2.jpgThis “100 Tons Bomb” tissue roll cover($29) looks like it came straight out of the ACME catalog. Made from cotton, it is a fun way to spice up the room!  [via..]

The Hemp Wiimote


A modder who goes by the name of DRHECK has finished his interesting mod of the Wii-Mote which coverd with several different kinds of 100% natural hemp fibers. In stark contrast with the original Wii-mote set, what was once sleek, cold, white and hard plastic has now become a slightly fuzzy, natural, warm and textured concoction. No more bland, branded and boring but mottled, flawfull, rough and a tad sweat absorbing.  More info on Dhreck.
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Taxi Cafés


Taxi Cafés product package design at Lovely Package. Nice work from TAXI for their chain of cafés. Great use of contrasting lights and darks coupled with the classic and simple look of the Akzidenz-Grotesk typeface.   [via..]

Paracord Survival Bracelet


These Survival Bracelets are tough, large, and very masculine. Each of them has 15 to 20 feet of 550-pound test paracord inside. You can easily unravel the bracelet and deploy the paracord for use. When you’re done, simply send what is left back to manufacturer Survival Straps, along with your story, and they will remanufacture it for you, free of charge. They’re available in a variety of colors with either steel or plastic clasps for around $20-$25.  [via..]

Recycle Your PET Bottles


2 great ways to recycle your used PET bottles. For more on noquedanblogs.

Awesome Squid Hats


Awesome squid hats are now available here.

Estee’s House of Fine Squid Hats – Cephalopod Über Kopf. Squid Hat #9. One size fits most adult noggins. On sale, just in time for Cephalopodmas!  [via..]

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