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Archive for June, 2011

Gama-Go Karate Lettuce Chopper

The black belt lettuce knife! Give your lettuce a swift chop and whip up a fresh salad is seconds!  Via 1  2

Balloon Bench Inspired By the Pixar “Up”

Designed by h220430, this creative floating bench appears to be supported by balloons. “To create the illusion, the bench was suspended from the ceiling by four anchors concealed by the balloons.
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Beer Bottle Chandeliers

Barlite created their first beer bottle chandelier and bar light over a decade ago. I think these interesting bottle chandelier would promote recycling and add a very cool look to our home. The model above holds 36 empty beer bottles which are not included so you’ll have to provide your own empties.
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It is a decorative way to put your apple on display. Apple Arrow dish designed by Andrea Maffezzoni and Nicola Loi.
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Wall Clock Gives You 3 Extra Minutes

Italian clock maker Diamantini & Domeniconi has an interesting product – the On-Time Wall clock that can perpetually give you 3 extra minutes throughout your day. The minute hand bends at the end, making it point 3 minutes ahead. It’s available from Rakuten for around $100.  Via

A Swiss Army Knife Designed For The Kitchen

Look like a big honkin’ swiss army knife, the Eatensil is designed for the kitchen. It combines seven tools which make eating easier—a spoon, fork, knife, pizza cutter, chopsticks, bottle opener and wooden chip fork—all in a Swiss Army Knife-type casing.  Via

Modern and Personalized Photo Wallpapers

In comparison to wallpaper mural of the 1970s, the new version of wall murals looks modern and will suit those who prefer the professionally designed look. Check below collections created by paper designers Eazywallz.
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iPad2 Case Features A Unique Pop-out Handle

The HandyShell case for iPad2 features a multi-function handle that gives you a firm hold wherever you go. “And for a variety of other applications including hanging it in the kitchen so it can bang against pots and pans, or as a faux neck for playing your iPad as a small guitar.”   Via

The Parasite Office

Designed by za bor architects, the Parasite Office rises from in-between two buildings to offer an alternative to office spaces all over the world.
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Shovel Birdhouse

Jan Habraken has created this clever shovel birdhouse that is a shovel with a birdhouse built-into its handle.  Via

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