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Archive for August, 2011

Star Trek Cat Tower

I really appreciate this marvelous creation, a galaxy-class starship and terek nor cat tower. Brilliantly.
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Steampunk Apartment, In Fact Resembles A Submarine

This incredible apartment owner by filmmaker Jeremy Noritz  is fully Steampunk including the bedroom which resembles an exploded blimp.
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Eat Play Grow Table Designed For Children

Eat Play Grow Table is the latest design by innovator Ruth Vatcher that designed to teach children how to grow and prepare their own food. The table features an herb sprouting tray, chopping board, watering pot, and a felt storage system.
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R2-D2 Bike Helmet by Jenn Hall

Jenn Hall cooked up this most-excellent bike helmet in the likeness of R2-D2. But this geeky R2-D2 helmet was a custom, one-off creation, and Jenn has not yet announced plans for mass production.
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The Fluid Outdoor Picnic Table

Designed by Michael Beitz, this outdoor fluid picnic table was installed at the Bemis Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Built from laminated poplar and marine epoxy, the fluid picnic table seems to be flowing over the fence that anchors it to the ground.
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CHA-CHA Spice Shaker

Unlike traditional upright shakers, CHA-CHA is a simple, yet functional reinterpretation of the spice shaker.  Via

Kitchen Bull

Three-in-one kitchenware, Kitchen Bull producted by Australian-based home and kitchenware designer, Toro Legno. “Part knife block and part bookshelf with an integrated cheeseboard, the aptly named Kitchen Bull multitasks its way to the heart of your kitchen—it works hard as a bull to minimize clutter and maximize your cooking experience.“   Via

Tube-squeezing Toothbrush

Interesting tube-squeezing toothbrush designed by product designer Catherine Werdel. “Thanks to the tube-squeezing toothbrush ‘auf den letzten Drücker,’ it is easy to get out even the rest of the toothpaste.”

Russian Space Hotel

Russian space capsule hotel (217-miles up) would house seven guests in four cabins and have huge windows for views of the Earth turning below. ($1-million USD for a 5-day)  Visit  Dailymail for more pictures.

Bean Bag Chair + Hammock

Le Beancock Beanock combines an ordinary beanbag with a hammock. It will help us get the soft and squishy comfort of the beanbag, while being suspended in the air like the hammock.  Via

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