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Archive for October, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween.    (image from Flickr)

Wonderful House at Fire Island

Decorated by Alexandra Angle Interior Design, this beautiful house is located at Fire Island in New York. Want to buy a home like this in the UK? Check out Barratt Homes.
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iPad SD and CF Card Reader

Upload DSLR photos onto your iPad at lightning speeds with this iPad CF and SD Card Reader from photojojo.

Stunning La Concha House from a 15th Century Barn

Based on the renovation of an old 15th century barn, the stunning La Concha House was designed by MOOARC.
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Functional Giant Nikon D3 Camera Costume

Photographer Tyler Card has created an interesting costume for Halloween for a photographer, a giant Nikon DSLR, fully functional. It’s “equipped with a real LCD screen, built-in camera flash, and working shutter release button that lets you take photos.”
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Rocking Kitchen Scale

“Taking advantage of gravity, this device easily weighs a load on a cleverly designed rocker.” The desired weight is set by moving the weight on the balance. Then the ingredient is poured in the porcelain bowl until the scales is balanced.
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Post-its Wristwatches

Wear these die-cut Post-Its like wristwatches, it is a cute way to put notes where you’re sure to glance at them.   Via

Umbrella Coat Raincoat

Interesting design, here’s a clever combination of a raincoat, waterproof trousers and an umbrella.
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Propane Bottle Jack-o’-lantern

Propane bottle can be brightened-up as an awesome Halloween prop, by Instructables user Icedvovo.   Via

An Ancient Village Perched On The Side of A Mountain

Southeast of Serra da Estrela is enchanting Monsanto, an ancient fortified village perched on the side of a mountain. With houses squeezed between gigantic boulders and tiny streets carved through the rocks, the village’s appearance hasn’t changed in centuries. In 1938 Monsanto was voted “the most Portuguese village in Portugal” in a national contest, and since then building restrictions have allowed it to remain a living museum.
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