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Stunning Intimate Coral Island Resort in Maldives

Intimate-Coral-Island-Resort-2 Intimate-Coral-Island-Resort-1

This luxury 5-star resort is set on the private tropical island of Lankanfushi in the Malé Atoll, one of the 19 atolls that stretch over 800 kilometres through the Indian Ocean. According to the description provided by the owners, “Gili Lankanfush, Maldives is an intimate coral island in a sparkling lagoon, with jetties threading across the water out to spacious villa accommodations. Everywhere you look, marine life abounds”.

Intimate-Coral-Island-Resort-3 Intimate-Coral-Island-Resort-4 Intimate-Coral-Island-Resort-5 Intimate-Coral-Island-Resort-6 Intimate-Coral-Island-Resort-7 Intimate-Coral-Island-Resort-8 Intimate-Coral-Island-Resort-9 Intimate-Coral-Island-Resort-10 Intimate-Coral-Island-Resort-11 Intimate-Coral-Island-Resort-12 Intimate-Coral-Island-Resort-13 Intimate-Coral-Island-Resort-14 Intimate-Coral-Island-Resort-15 Intimate-Coral-Island-Resort-16



August 22nd, 2013  Posted in Architecture

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