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Table Tray by Stuart Sharples


Designed by Stuart Sharples, this TableTray concept functions as both a stylish breakfast tray, and a table for use in bed. The handles of the tray slide out to form the legs of the bed table. Side shelves can also be revealed for holding a cup of tea, mobile phone or mouse. If the side shelves are fulled extended, the centre table becomes free to hinge. In this mode a laptop can be used in bed at a more comfortable and ergonomic angle. The surfaces are rubber coated to stop items sliding off in tray or table mode.
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Shed Coat Hook


These coat hooks can hold more than just your coats. They can be used to store many items that we need when leaving the house, such as keys, bags, mail and gloves.
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Sonic Lounger from Taiz Design


From Taiz Design, The Sonic Lounger($9000 – $36000) is a state-of-the-art tactile sound system that provides a comfortable and ergonomic space to enjoy sound, music and vibroacoustic therapies.

The Sonic Lounger massages and resonates the entire body with crystal clear vibration, transferring high fidelity music into the skin, bones and tissue, allowing the subtleties and depth of sound that cannot be heard with the ears to be viscerally experienced. Unlike the static vibration of commercial massage chairs, the dynamic vibration of the Sonic Lounger is harmonic, refined and rhythmic.  Music is heard through the body, engaging the senses, relaxing the mind and body while soothing the spirit.
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SwiTCH Table & Chair by Ellen Ectors



This surprising Switch Table Chair designed by Ellen Ectors is a simple piece of furniture which can be used in many ways. It is a chair and a table, a relaxing seat and a small working place all in one. Combining two of the simplest geometrical shapes – a cube and a sphere, switch is handmade from a wooden structure of oak and leather with a filled ball. when moved together, the ball form nestles into the u-shaped piece to create a seat with a backrest. removing the ball and flipped the backrest over turns the combo into a stool and table. I love this playful and colorful design even though it’s just a concept right now.
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Two-Seater by Daniel Becker


Daniel Becker’s Hunting Lines Two-Seater connects to bring seemingly endless seating to any large setting. It would fit perfect for a public area. The bad thing is that two-seater is just a concept right now, but a good news is that designer is searching for a manufacturer for his design.
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Tube Chair by Osian Batyka-Williams


It is a green design. Sculptor Osian Batyka-Williams did a great example of using reclaimed material. He created the Tube Chair which was made from stainless steel tubes sourced from reclaimation yards in his studio about 5 miles from the London bridge. This piece is a combination of sculpture, furniture, and design rolled into one product. This chair is available for around $4000.
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How the Aeron Chair Inspired Burton’s Snowboarders


Designers at Burton Snowboards took idea from The Aeron Chair which is the most famous office seat of all time, and created their latest snowboard bindings. The binding borrows the chair’s signature webbing and strong Y support core, creating a lightweight and flexible structure that will run interested snowboarders $390. It’s especially cool design, and you can check out Fast Company it has a killer analysis of how an iconic chair inspired a breakthrough snowboard binding.   [via..]

The Cassette Tape Closet by Patrick Schuur


Who would have thought that your old cassette tapes could be used to bulid a storage closet? Well, young dutch designer Patrick Schuur did. He used a total of 918 tapes to build a cassette tape closet. Each cassette tape is individually screwed onto a wooden frame. It can be used for both an office space divider and storage closet. The closet has three doors which provide access to the huge storage space inside. It also features a mosaic tiles countertop! The Cassette Tape Closet is currently for sale on eBay, but we recommend creating your own as a DIY project. Dimensions are 275×57,5×136 cm.
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Freshwest Takes A Conceptual Design – ‘Pool Table’


The UK-based design firm Freshwest showed this table at Tent London, the international creative design event. Designers Freshwest successfully combine narrative and humour in their conceptual design – “Pool Table“. “Pool Table is made from 50mm acrylic with miniature diving board, reflected and refracted light in such a way that it resembled the depth and hue of an actual swimming [pool].” It even features a miniature diving board on one end to complete the effect. The bad thing is that the “Pool Table” is just a concept right now, but I’m sure that this design has a lot of potential.
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BookShelf clamp


This shelf looks great on its own or holding your favorite books. Cast entirely in bone china, the working  f-clamp can open and close allowing for multiple configurations.  Each shelving unit is individually assembled – stay tuned for variations on the theme…  [via..]

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