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Clever Space-Saving Solution: Sink-In-A-Drawer

hide-and-sink.jpgA sink in a drawer, I really appreciate this clever idea for saving space. In a small bathroom, a sink is concealed in a drawer that slides in and out of the wall. The sink only takes up space when necessary.  [via..]

The Le Clochard Bedding Set



Le Clochard is a cotton bedding set that looks like very real cardboard boxes folded open. Actually, it is only a part of the unique project called The Le Clochard project initiated by Erik van Loo and Peggy van Neer. Their tagline is “Sleep under a cardboard box so a homeless young person doesn’t have to“. A large proportion of the proceeds from the Le Clochard project goes to SZN which is the foundation for homeless young people in the Netherlands.
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The itbed


Designed by the Swiss studio Design it, the itbed is a multi-faceted piece of furniture that you can sleep on and can be rolled up for the want of space. If you live in a small apartment, it is an ideal bed for your guests. It is also perfect for those people who move frequently. The itbed is made from 7 mm thick cardboard and is available in two models. Itbed futon is made for futons or thinner roll-up mattresses and comes with an extra horizontal support that is also collapsible. This particular model is especially useful as a guest bed. Itbed mattress is made for use with more traditional mattresses and is thus suitable for every day use. Nice!
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Biombo Chair by Daniel Milchtein


Crafted originally as a prototype, the Biombo Chair mesmerizes with its simplicity and functionality and should be available on demand. The wood chair, built over a hinged wood structure, when not in use is a folding screen or even a decorative element. The chair allows its seating surface to be customized and upgraded with a graphic image, transforming the chair into a coveted decorative item when folded flat. To turn it into a chair, you simply take it off and get all origami.
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Abu Ghraib Coffee Table


The Abu Ghraib Coffee Table, by Phillip Toledano, from “America: The Gift Shop.” It is made from moulded resin and plexiglass. Really cool! This coffee table is just right for adding some fun to your decor.  [via boingboing]

Kenchikukagu Mobile and Folding Furniture


Designed by Japanese company Atelier OPA, the Kenchikukagu is a series of mobile and folding furniture. The Kenchikukagu series consist of a folding work station, a sleep station and a moblie kitchen. A mobile kitchen is combined with a huge table made of natural wood of white oak in order to slide, and the table moves to cover up the kitchen when the kitchen is not used. An LCD TV is equipped to the table with a movable arm, which the resident may watch it by turning it around during working in the kitchen. The table comprises desktop panel and side panels to be ready to assemble and disassemble. When they are folded to move, the space becomes a complete studio apartment. The first marketed product from the kenchikukagu series is the work station, which has recently become available on Amazon Japan for 800,000 yen.
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Screw Chair by Revol Design


Nowadays, we can see more and more crazy idea for furniture design. Revol Design’s Screw Chair is just those designs that will impress anyone. It is made from 3,726 drywall screws and a bunch of wooden blocks. Screw chair is good to make an astonishing impression, but I don’t think it is to comfortable.
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Nautical Dory Coffee Table


I’ve never thought that a coffee table can be a wooden lifeboat until I’ve saw this Nautical Dory Coffee Table. It looks like a row boat, acts like a coffee table. The Dory Table sits in its’ own cradle and features detachable oars and a thick clear glass tabletop that rests inside the hull. I really like this product and I think it would be the perfect way for you to incorporate nautical boats into your furniture. Buy from here.

Sound/chair – Conbination of 3D Soundwave Graph and Chair


Designed by Matthew Plummer Fernandez, the Sound/Chair is a chair that carries the inherited aesthetic of sound and also a chair that can be heard as a sound. The 3-Dimensional graph is used as the lines to create the full-scale chair, made up of layers of polyethylene foam. Prototypes of the chair has been exhibited in Milan 2007, and the final product was launched at the London Design Festival in September and will be on Sale for £3,950 at Designersblock’s pop-up shop at Selfridges [Oxford Street flagship store, 4th floor] September 2008.
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Garden Sunbed Giallosole Etos


This elegant and practical sunbed design is called Etos. From Giallosole which specializes in manufacturing luxurious sunbeds, Etos looks great with its aluminium frame and ‘avorio’ skirt, staying cool in the sun. Etos comes with a handy, adjustable sunshade that prevents your face from getting exposed to the sun while your body is bathing in the sun.
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