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Apple iPad Integrated Salsa Platform Table


Salsa Table by designer Bram Boo, aims to be a kind of platform that allows people to use the devices, consuming different kinds of media. “The table features seating for four people, along with four integrated ipad devices.” Salsa Table would be showcased during the upcoming Interieur Biennale in Kortrijk, Belgium.
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Giant LEGO Brick Storage


Giant LEGO Brick Storage Boxes will give your living room a fresh feeling. “Our neat new giant LEGO storage brick boxes have been made especially for STORE under licence from LEGO themselves and just like the original LEGO bricks, each storage box can be clicked together and then stacked to create a giant LEGO structure but with the added benefit of storage within.“  Via 

Temporary Office Made From Wooden Pallets


Temporary office made from wooden pallets was designed by Dutch firm Most Architecture for an Amsterdam advertising agency BrandBase which sits in a narrow Dutch canal house that runs 27 metres deep.
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Pac-Man Ghost Lamps



Halloween coming soon, these Pac-Man Ghost Lamps would fit well with all the other house decorations. “Those four ghosts chased away the ravenous yellow devil from their precious power pellets using only the illumination from their bodies as a deterrent. Get your own desk lamps to keep your domicile safe from the wokka-wokka of doom!

Ice Cream Cone Lighting


What better way can you think of to brighten up the mood in your home or office than with a Giant Ice Cream Cone lamp! Available in vanilla or strawberry, it measures a whopping 26 inches tall x 11 inches in diameter, includes a 7 watt bulb and features a power cord with on/off switch.  Via

Charybdis, A Whirlpool Fountain


Charybdis is a whirlpool fountain designed by William Pye for Seaham Hall, in Sunderland, England. “The sirens Charybdis and Scylla resided in the Sicilian Sea. Homer tells us that because Charybdis had stolen the oxen of Hercules, Zeus struck her with a thunderbolt and changed her into a whirlpool whose vortex swallowed up ships. In Charybdis the circular movement of water inside a transparent acrylic cylinder forms an air-core vortex in the centre. Steps wrap around the cylinder and allow spectators to view the vortex from above.”  Continue reading for the Video..
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Hand Cut City Maps by Karen O`Lear


Hand cut from strathmore thick watercolour paper, these amazing street maps of world cities are the work of artist Karen O’Leary.   Source..
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I Tie You Pillow


I Tie You Pillow from the makers of the Post My Pillow. “Time for bed, with or without strings attached! Your desicion! Pillow case to stay awake!”  Via

Line Block Cable Design


Line Block Cable was designed by four Korea based designers who got idea from LEGO bricks. “How do you keep the electric wire of the back of your TV or under your desk? Do you use cable tie or leave them massy? Those lines not only look massy, but also not able to be distingvished from each other. Today other objects are used to keep the lines neat, yet it is just a temparary device. Now we suggest the newest method solving the problems to the root for you to keep the lines more neatly easily by changing the lines’ structure.”
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NR1977 Compact Children’s Room



NR1977 is a 770 square feet apartment for a couple and their four children in Tokyo, it’s the project of architecture studio, Naoto Mitsumoto.
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