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Throwing Knife Fridge Magnets


Throwing Knife Kitchen Magnets bring some unusual looking to your kitchen. There’s no high-tech wizardry to see these Throwing Knife Fridge Magnets, but really awesome. Via

The Outsider Lamps


The Outsider, deigned by Jacco Maris is an imposing lamp for indoor and outdoor use. It proposes various shapes and sizes but basically offers you some pretty impressive lighting solutions. The pedestal and the arched frame are made of powder-coated steel and the shade is made of cast aluminium.
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5 In 1 Wall Electric Socket


Relogic has come up with this simple, one touch declutter system for outlets. “Keep your electric outlets organized and safe while removing unnecessary clutter. Never have to search for an outlet multiplier again. Keep it simple, with only one push. By pressing the top of the outlet you release the rest of it’s body and the remaining outlets that were hidden inside the wall. Push back when you don’t need additional outlets.

Man-Made Floating Plastic Bottle Island Home


Rishi Sowa hand-built and lived on an free-floating luxury beach house that floats atop millions of recycled plastic bottles in Mexico. Continue reading for the Video…
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Electronic Component Pillow Covers



Atelier Kurth’s Happy Covers, awesome pillow covers with electronic components printed on them. You can get these pillow covers at Happy Covers for $30 each.

Sexy Shower Curtain


The Sexy Shower Curtain will get some real reactions when you’re bathing.  Via

What more do they need to wake up to in the morning? Might be an incentive to get them in the shower a little more often ( especially for teenagers!)

Star-Trek Voyager Starship Apartment


Tony Alleyne transformed his apartment into a home-made fully decked out Star-Trek Voyager Starship. Amazing!
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Boil Buoy Boiling Water Chime


The Boil Buoy will help you to know when the water on your stove has come to a boil. Just place Boil Buoy in your pot of water, turn up the heat, and wait for the ringing chime to let you know your water’s ready to go. Via

Joseph Joseph 3-in-1 Rotary Peeler


Designed by Joseph Joseph, this compact Rotary Peeler features three stainless steel blades in one: Standard, soft-skin, and Julienne.  “The standard blade is perfect for potatoes and carrots, the soft skin blade can be used on tomatoes and kiwi and the Julienne blade provides lovely Julienne peels, and can be used on just about any fruit or vegetable.”
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Rooftop Small Apartment Design


A beautiful rooftop apartment (61 sqare meters) located in Sweden.
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