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Chandelier Made Out of Over 3,000 Gummy Bears

Kevin Champeny designed a series of chandeliers that made out of over 3,000 hand-cast acrylic gummy bears, for home furnishings company Jellio.
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Minimalist Ladder Christmas Tree

Recycling art for christmas. Here’s a minimalist ladder Christmas tree.   Via

Beautiful Christmas Decorating Ideas for a Dining Table(30 Pics)

Christmas is a great time to get together and share a meal with friends and family. Decorating your dinner table at Christmas time can be as simple or as complicated as you like – and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Here are some ideas for decorating your dining table, although all these decorations worth the spent time they could really help make the Christmas Day even more memorable. Last year we have post another article about Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas, maybe you are also interesting in it! Enjoy!
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Thabto Mirror Looks Like a Giant Pair of Eyeglasses

Looking like a giant pair of eyeglasses, the looking good mirror from Thabto maybe can add some creativity and fun to your interior design. The dual mirror design actually has another advantage – you and your significant other can primp and preen yourselves side-by-side.

Dropped Ice Cream Cone Shaped Door Stopper

The ice cream door stop will help keep your door open. It is so cute and it looks like you dropped a cone of ice cream.
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Dutchtub Wood Fired Hot Tub

Portable hot tub desgned by Floris Schoonderbeek is wood fired so there is no need for electricity, and allows us to take warm outdoor bath anywhere.
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The New Version of Tardis Refrigerator

We have seen TARDIS refrigerators before, but this one is even better because of how well it blends into it ’s surroundings.  I wish I had one in my kitchen.   Via

Do You Want to Make a Home Library Like This?

Maybe you can get interior design idea from this awesome home library…   Via

Bamboo Wicker Casing For Ceramic Speakers

Made of wicker and ceramic, the Bambory Speaker set by Guo Yang looks haute and exude a creative marriage between craft and technology.   Via

Garage Boasts a High-tech Underground Lift

Designed by TR Building and Remodeling inc, this cool supercar garage that features a high-tech underground lift will let all your vehicles enjoy the life of luxury.
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