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Archive for the 'Ideas' Category

Wildest and Coolest Water Slides


It’s summer time! And it’s also the water slide time. Here are six of the craziest water slides from around the world.
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Smart Car’s Crochet Cover


Flickr user StarttheDay, a photographer from Britain, shares this fun sight caught out on the streets of Rome. It was created by Magda Sayeg for the Il Lusso Essenziale art festival in Rome.  via

Office Escape Box


It’s the perfect excuse to turn that boring spread sheet into a noon-time picnic blanket. Interesting picnic box from boxsal. Use it, and you will have a relax lunch hour. Boxsals are roomy enough to pack plenty of donuts, kolaches, bagels, cream cheese, coffee cakes, mini-cereal packs, power bars, fruit cups, and just about anything else you can think of to use as an excuse not to start your day.
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Man Living Inside Giant Adidas Jabulani Football


Adam Santarossa lives and watches the World Cup inside a giant Adidas Jabulani football in Melbourne, Australia, equipped with a well-stocked fridge, bunk bed, PlayStation 3, and laptop.
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Syrinx Medical Device by Jesper Nilsson


The “Syrinx” is a cute little medical device that made for reducing the fear children feel before taking a blood test.
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Stick With Me Baby Apple MacBook Decals


StickWithMeBaby is a collection of stickers designed to personalize the apple logo on your MacBook with some hair.
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World Cup 2010 Themed Bus Stop


Soccer World Cup 2010 themed bus stop, that’s a Carlsberg beer who was behind that creative campaign.
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Chocolate Covered iPad


Stefan Magdalinski wraps iPad in chocolate as a birthday gift for his wife a Apple nut.
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Giant Coca Cola Man of Johannesburg


Located in Newtown Joburg, Giant Coca Cola Man is a recycling initiative, created using 2500 1.25l standard Coke bottle . It weighs 25 tonnes and stands 16.5 meter tall.
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Larger than Life: Giant Objects in Our Environment


Here are some of the most interesting and creative Larger Than Life Giant objects include Giant Pencil, World’s Biggest Beer Can…
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