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11 Unusual Beer Pong Table Designs

The most creative and unusual Beer Pong Table designs from all over the world. Beer pong, is a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball across a table with the intent of landing the ball in a cup of beer on the other end.

#Wood beer pong table

The table is crafted in poplar wood and finished with seamless construction.

#Pin Up Girls Beer Pong Table

Each table features an easy to clean surface that measures the standard 8 foot by 2 foot beer pong table length.

#Black Tiki Floating Beer Pong Table

Absolutely perfect for anyone who enjoys beer pong but doesn’t want to get out of the pool!

#ProBowl Premium Beer Pong Table

The Premium ProPong tables are 8ft tournament length but fold up into a ultra portable briefcase.

#Poolside Beer Pong

Its unique and portable design allows you to bring beer pong out of homes and dorms and into pools, lakes, beaches and tailgate parties.

#Slim Floating Beer Pong Table

The Slim Floating Beer Pong Table takes all the functionality of closed cell foam pong tables and squeezes it all into a slender piece of beer pong technology.

#PatriotPong Premium Beer Pong Table

Durable high quality Aluminum framework

#The Nintendo Beer Pong Table

This custom-made Nintendo beer pong table is quite possibly the most important thing that humans have ever done.

#Fire Water Premium Beer PongTable

This table has a unique design with many additional features, including a stainless steel bottle cap opener attached to the table, a ball rack, 6 custom balls, and much more!

#Nightmare Tournament Beer Pong Table

Regulation when open but folds up into a very convenient briefcase

#Summer Sale – Pink Inflatable Beer Pong Table

This table can be used in many ways – you can throw it in the pool, toss it on top of an existing table surface

Via  Wikipedia  &  Designbuzz


October 3rd, 2011  Posted in Furniture, Outdoor

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  • Vincent  on March 5th, 2013

    Nice beer pong tables….dleedon

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