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Life-sized Stormtrooper Cake Weighs 300 Pounds

This 6 feet 4 inches tall stormtrooper cake was created by Boston-based cake maker Amanda Oakleaf  for the city’s annual Arisia Sci-Fi Convention.

The building of the Stormtrooper cake was an epic event in and of itself. It took our entire wonderful crew of ten people two full weeks of to put this guy together (although the cake wasn’t added until 2 days before it was to be served). Along the way we even had to invent completely new cake making methods so it could be put together modularly onsite, hold its fondant over long vertical stretches, and stand on two beautifully sculpted Rice Kripsy legs that supported his 300 lb body –all while keeping every bit of cake tasting light, fluffy, and delicious!

via  Boingboing  &  Technabob

January 17th, 2012  Posted in Drink & Food, Home Gadgets

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