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Penthouse Apartment Features A Massive Metallic Indoor Slide

House-with-a-Slide-1 House-with-a-Slide-2

The ‘Skyhouse’ by architect David Hotson is a stunning abode that features a massive metallic indoor slide… First, climb up the steel beam in the middle of the living room. Then enter the gleaming stainless steel slide, which entrance is cut in a hole on a seamless glass wall and then you go down, down, down …

House-with-a-Slide-3 House-with-a-Slide-4 House-with-a-Slide-5 House-with-a-Slide-6 House-with-a-Slide-7 House-with-a-Slide-8


via  Neatorama

March 14th, 2013  Posted in Home & Office

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