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LEGO McDonald’s BigMac


The full scale LEGO version of “BigMac Super value set” designed by Japanese LEGO artist Sachiko. The design features the hamburger itself, complete with melting cheese and sesame seed bun.
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Heinz’ new Dip & Squeeze Ketchup Packets


Heinz has announced their new innovative ketchup packet in response to consumer demand. The new packaging, called the Dip & Squeeze, holds more ketchup per pack than the old version and also gives ketchup lovers two ways to enjoy Heinz Ketchup: either peel back the lid for easy dipping, or tear off the tip to squeeze onto favorite foods.
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Parisian Metro Ticket X-wing Fighter


French artist Hubert de Lartigue cteated X-Wings using paper subway tickets. de Lartique did them using a scalpel and a folding tool, but no glue. amazing! Step-by-step directions for creating your own X-wing starfighter can be found at Hubert de LartigueVia

Google Map Envelop


MapEnvelop by Beste Miray Dogan that is another clever use of Google Earth Map. Post it from the exact place.  Via

South Africa’s kulula airline’s Rebranding


South Africa’s kulula airline’s recent rebranding will leave every passenger with a basic knowledge of aviation and aircraft. Now every traveler can even learn where the black box is.
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Brain Freeze Ice Cube


New from Fred & Friends, these Brain Freeze ice cubes are sure to make your guests surprised at your party. Brain Freeze is molded from super-strong, dishwasher-safe pure silicone and packaged in a colorful giftbox.

Bondi Beach Bookshelves



The BILLY, the Scandinavian furniture has placed 30 red bookcases on the sands of Bondi beach in Sydney, to celebrate 30 years of IKEA’s most popular bookshelves.  Via

F1 Lounge Chair Inspired by A Typical Racing Car


From Hungarian designer Alexander Christoff, this erotically attractive F1 Lounge was inspired by the ultimate auto racing F1 car. “Molded out of fiberglass, the ergonomically enhanced luscious curves of the lounge chair along with the chrome legs and an adjustable headrest make it an ideal must-have to spice up your living room.”
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The DNA Stair by EeDesign


Staircase based on a DNA strand by UK based design studio EeDesign. DNA staicase with ultra thin carbon treads, stainless steel pole and handrail. Continue reading for more photos.
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Pisa Bag


An bread bag made of pisa from Katja Gruijters Fooddesign. This breadbag is the first ‘ergonomic’ sandwich. Ideal for taking with you even hooked on your bike’s handlebars.

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