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Bondi Beach Bookshelves



The BILLY, the Scandinavian furniture has placed 30 red bookcases on the sands of Bondi beach in Sydney, to celebrate 30 years of IKEA’s most popular bookshelves.  Via

F1 Lounge Chair Inspired by A Typical Racing Car


From Hungarian designer Alexander Christoff, this erotically attractive F1 Lounge was inspired by the ultimate auto racing F1 car. “Molded out of fiberglass, the ergonomically enhanced luscious curves of the lounge chair along with the chrome legs and an adjustable headrest make it an ideal must-have to spice up your living room.”
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The DNA Stair by EeDesign


Staircase based on a DNA strand by UK based design studio EeDesign. DNA staicase with ultra thin carbon treads, stainless steel pole and handrail. Continue reading for more photos.
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Pisa Bag


An bread bag made of pisa from Katja Gruijters Fooddesign. This breadbag is the first ‘ergonomic’ sandwich. Ideal for taking with you even hooked on your bike’s handlebars.

The Yellow Tea Infuser Submarine


Designed by Ototo, this tea-infusing submarines leaves to the boiling hot water in your mug and creates the perfect infusion of your favourite brew.  [monkey-bus.co.il via swissmiss]  Maybe you’re also interesting in our Creative Tea Bag Designs.

Easily Carry to Anywhere, Blow Sofa


Malafor has shown of their simple yet functional furniture “Blow Sofa” at [D3] Design Talents during imm cologne 2010. This sofa is made from dunnage bags, air, metal rack and rubber straps, 100% recycled bags which just need to blow up.
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Unusually Shaped Air Balloon Designs


We got this kinds of Air Balloons designs. Some designs are crazy!
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All-In One Toilet – Home Core


Designed by Dang Jingwei, this futuristic commode was made for space and water conservation. Called “Home Core”, it folds out to reveal a toilet bowl, sink, mirror and a vanity table, all in one object. When users washed their hands with hand-washing pool they can push the button to activate the water tank to store the water or not. The tap have four button to control the water flow, it can save the water when user adjusting the flow. As a integrated toilet, it combine foldable mirror table plate and drawer make user feels more convenient and comfortable.
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The G1 Transparent Pool Table


The G1 pool table by Nottage Design blending ultra modern styling and new patented technology can offer unique transparent playing experience to all billiard fans. The transparent playing area is composed of the patented Vitrik transparent playing surface on top of a 15mm toughened glass top. The Vitrik playing surface replicates rolling resistance of an average-speed cloth, is hard wearing and allows spin to be applied and retains consistent roll characteristics over it’s lifetime.
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BookBook Hardback Leather Case


The TwelveSouth BookBook hides yours MacBook or MacBook Pro in the wonderfully scholarly disguise of an old fashioned book. Sitting on a coffee table, dorm room or desk, BookBook looks like a vintage piece of literature, not an expensive laptop. 
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