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Darwin Bookcase by Malin Kallman


Darwin Bookcase by Swedish designer Malin Källman. It functions as a bookcase, chair, stairwell, and even a mini-clubhouse. The platform at the top gives the user a new perspective of their domestic environment, slightly detached from life.  Via

5 Interesting Installation for Google Maps


1.  Advertising with Google Maps, it looks like advertisers have realized that with Google’s online satellite pics on Google Maps, there is a completely untapped space for more eyes to see their logos.   Link
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Growing Business Card



Jamie Wieck breathes new life into business cards with his Growing Business Card. The result was a business card that worked like a miniature house-plant, growing alfalfa or cress when dipped in water – a business card for ‘another bloomin’ designer’.

18 Most Unusual and Creative Plates Designs


18 most unusual & creative plates designs through the world.
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Awesome Bookwave Hanging Storage


The Bookwave Hanging Storage, it’s a curtain, a room divider and a bookshelf. Made in felt fabric and stainless steel, the modular unit expands to any size to meet the growing needs of the users. The Bookwave Hanging Storage would look awesome in a commercial space. Priced at £1,006.
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Wedding Dress, but You Can Eat it


A woman named Lukka Sigurdardottir made this seriously unbelievable cake wedding dress.  via

“An Apple A Day” Calendar


The “Apple-a-Day” calendar from AOK Insurance. The company offered this amazing dispenser shaped wall calendar, which is a long clear tube that holds up to 31 apples. Every day you remove one apple from the tube and eat it, thus giving a boost to your health. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Brilliant!   Via

18 Creative LED Uses for Household Items


1.  The Asami Light Sofa comes from Colico, they are comfortable living room sofas combine with built-in mood LED lighting. By a simple push of a button, the light colors can be adapted to the mood of the place.  Link
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Pac-Man Cookie Buns


To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, Circle K stores in Japan have started to sell these delicious Pac-Man shaped buns.   Via

Sleep Cocoon Designed for Short Nap


Designed by Forrest Jessee, the Sleep Suit is designed to provide you with your own little personal sleep space wherever you go. The suit acts as a transportable and adjustable cocoon that allows for constant air flow in a variety of different positions and environments.  By supporting the body in all the right places and at the same time both filtering and acknowledging its surroundings and occupant, the sleep suit provides for a sound 30 minute nap. It is inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s practice of Dymaxion Sleeping, which involves four 30-minute naps over a period of 24 hours, and the material requirements for such conditions.
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