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Beautiful Cityscapes Of Dubai During The Foggy Season

Sebastian-Opitz-2 Sebastian-Opitz-3

Talented photographer Sebastian Opitz captured these beautiful pictures of Cloudlands of Dubai.


Notes from photographer: “During the foggy season I check the weather conditions every night and if it looks promising I will make sure to be on top of a tower around by 4am. By 9am the fog will have evaporated so rising early is crucial. It takes a lot of dedication and a good portion of luck to take such pictures. It is so uplifting to be up there during these weather conditions and being able to capture the moment with your camera after weeks of waiting for the right conditions is more than satisfying.”

Sebastian-Opitz-4 Sebastian-Opitz-5 Sebastian-Opitz-6 Sebastian-Opitz-7


via  Photohab

March 21st, 2013  Posted in Photograph

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