The 8 Most Common Garage Door Issues and Repairs

If you live in a house, then most likely you also have a garage. Often, you don’t notice the garage door. If it works properly, this mechanism rarely receives the attention of the owners of the house. But, problems begin during breakdowns. By the way, our company will be happy to help you with garage door repair in Arlington of any complexity. But, if you want to deal with the issue independently, today we will examine the main breakdowns that may occur in the garage door mechanism.

Causes of Garage Door Breakdowns

To begin with, let’s figure out what are the causes of breakdowns of garage doors. This is important because by avoiding the factors that cause breakdowns, you will be able to spend less time and money on its repair.


Weather conditions don’t affect your garage doors as much as other factors. However, depending on them, it is necessary to correctly select the materials needed to repair or install your garage doors. So, for example, if you live in a cold climate, you should consider replacing the rubber seal. In this case, the silicone version will be much more durable. Since rubber tends to crack and expand with temperature changes. In particular, it is impacted by low temperatures.

Air Humidity

It’s no secret that humidity affects any metal. Such a process as rusting is simply unavoidable if you live in a high humidity climate. Rusting can cause malfunctions when raising and lowering garage doors. Moreover, the rusted door looks old and unattractive.

The doors themselves can be made of wood, but springs, guides, rollers, and other parts of the mechanism can only be made of metal.

So to avoid breakdowns associated with rusted garage door mechanisms, there are two options:

  1. Choose only stainless steel.

2. Constantly lubricate and paint parts to avoid oxidation.

Insufficient Attention to Reinforcing Parts

As we said at the beginning of the article, often people do not notice such an important mechanism in everyday life as a garage door. Regardless of how frequently you use them, you need to pay enough attention to amortization. The failure of one part of the mechanism can lead to the malfunction of the entire arrangement. After that, the cost of repairs and the time required to complete it will increase significantly.

Check all garage door mechanisms at least once a month. Thus, you can identify possible breakdowns at the earliest stages. After that, you can deal with the repair unaided. Or we can provide high-quality garage door repair services in Arlington.

Parts of Garage Door Mechanism

Different garage door designs may have other parts than listed on our list, but we notice the main ones that are subject to pressure and can typically be the cause of door mechanism breakdowns.


These springs are present in your garage door, whether it has an electric or mechanical drive. Even if the doors have to be lifted by hand, often springs are used to simplify the process. If you have problems with springs, it leads to partial or complete inability to open garage doors.


Hinges are also present in 10/10 garage door designs. They are needed in order to keep it in the correct position, both raised and lowered. Moreover, they are also needed for the correct weight distribution of the garage door, since tilting to one side will create more pressure on other parts of the mechanism.

Garage Door Opener

A special device that is attached to the structure and allows you to open your garage door at the touch of a button is an opener. It also consists of several parts, such as a motorized drive, chains, and others. It can cause troubles as it is a mechanism within a mechanism, making it even more difficult to repair.

Garage Door Tracks

Tracks are used for installing seals and other needs. For example, with their help, garage doors also open. More precisely, they direct the movement of the door making this process easier.

Major Problems in Garage Door Operation

Most of the problems are related to the incorrect operation of one part of the entire mechanism. It often happens that the wrong function of the mechanism leads to the inability to open or close the doors, so you have to pay attention to this issue.

Breakdown of Springs

A lot of pressure and the correct operation of the mechanism lies on the springs of the garage doors. They are designed to work for a certain number of openings and closings. The springs stretch and contract each time. Even using the most durable and elastic material, sooner or later the correct operation of the springs comes to an end. In the event of a breakdown, you will hear a loud sound of a broken spring. It means that you can easily diagnose this failure.

Cable Break

The cable performs an assisting role for the springs, helping to raise and lower the door. It means that the cause of the breakdown is still the same. After many cycles, they wear out and may burst. It’s best to determine this ahead of time, as if the garage doors are open, they can collapse and cause even more damage.

Track Breakdown

With many cycles of opening and closing the door, no matter how strong the fastening is, the track that serves as the guide can move. It leads to a displacement of the gate structure. Thus, the problem will be aggravated every day, so it is best to solve it in the early stages. If you want to make a truly high-quality, cost-effective, and long-term repair of the track, we advise you to contact the STI Garage Door. Our vast experience enables us to provide high-quality garage door repair services in Arlington.

Difficulties with Hardware

Bolts, nuts, and other small means are also prone to rust. At the same time, the entire structure of the garage door rests on them. In order not to spend more money and time later on repairs, due attention must be paid to fasteners subject to pressure.