22 Awesome DIY Garden and Yard Projects for Kids Summer Fun

As parents, you must be rocking your brains to look for ways for children to stay outdoors enjoying fresh air and playing. Fortunately, there are many great blogs on the Internet that give many good suggestions, such as building a miniature playhouse, a kiddie pool lounge, a sand & water table and many other cool projects. As long as you have enough creativity, plus your hard work, you can transform your garden and yard into a fun and entertaining place for your kids and their friends to enjoy the summer.

1. A Miniature Playhouse with Windows:

Tutorial at: jenwoodhouse.com

2. DIY Backyard Chalkboard for Kids Who Love to Draw with Chalk at Home:

Tutorial Details: heytherehome.com

3. Adding some bright throw pillows and blankets to an empty kiddie pool to make a outdoor lounge:

4. A See-Saw with Extra Cushioning:

Tutorial at: ana-white.com

5. Create a Miniature Street for Kid’s Toy Car Fun:

6. Make a sandbox even more fun by making it double as a sailboat:

Tutorial at: ana-white.com

7. Use Some PVC Pipes to Build This Sand & Water Table:

Tutorial at: frugalfun4boys.com

8. This outdoor connect four can be great fun for the whole family:

Tutorial at: blog.homedepot.com

9. A Rainbow Colored Hop Scotch Mat:

Tutorial at: happinessishomemade.net

10. Transform Backyard into The Area of Extreme Sports with This Rock Wall and Cargo Net Obstacle Course:

Tutorial at: mincingthoughts.blogspot.com

11. Sand & Water Play Table Comes With a Chalkboard Lid:

Tutorial at: buildsomething.com

12. Cute DIY Ladybug Tire Swing:

More details at: janiszettel.blogspot.com

13. A Log Cabin-Style Wooden Sandbox:

Tutorial at: kenarry.com

14. A Race Track Slide Made From Pool Noodle:

Tutorial at: ramblingsfromutopia.com

15. A Rock Climbing Wall with Unique Artwork:

Tutorial at: impatientlycrafty.com

16. DIY Ring Toss Game:

Tutorial at: momendeavors.com

17. Interesting Platform Swing Hanging from a Tree:

Tutorial at: thenaughtymommy.com

18. A Colorful Teeter Totter for Little Ones:

Tutorial at: sugarbeecrafts.com

19. A Fun Outdoor Fort:

Tutorial at: madewithhappy.com

20. Kids will spend hours exploring and playing with this massive water pillow:

Tutorial at: goodshomedesign.com

21. A Colorful Tetherball That’s Stabilized:

Tutorial at: simplykierste.com

22. An Outdoor Race Track with Natural Obstacles:

Tutorial at: buggyandbuddy.com


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