12 Ideas to Make a Small Vegetable Garden

With that more and more people are liking the organic lifestyles and having the desire to save money, a vegetable garden has become more and more common in modern life. Homegrown vegetables are not only yummy to eat but feast our eyes too with their fresh colors. The vegetable garden also provides a place to get your hands dirty and a reason to get outside more often during warm days.

If you only have small outdoor spaces, you can still grow your own vegetables that are no chemicals or pesticides, as long as you can find a sunny location. In fact, there are lots of ideas to grow food in compact spaces, such as this collection we’ve gathered. A vegetable garden with well-layout can make you take full use of every square inch. By the way, if you are a beginner for growing food, it would be better to see an easy-to-follow guide first for starting seeds successfully.

1. Build a wooden raised garden bed along a narrow side yard:

Image via: loonyville.wordpress.com and betterafter.net

2. Unlike an open-spaced garden, a u-shaped raised bed lets you easily reach your vegetable and other plants:

See the full Tutorial at: brittanystager.com

3. Take one sheet of plywood to make a three stair-step garden box:

Tutorial at: thegreeneberger.com

4. Plant your food in a checkerboard-layout garden bed. Even If it rains you can easily get to your food:

Image via: backhomeagainblog.com

5. The 55 gallon drum garden boxes are high enough so that you haven’t to bend over to plant or pick your food:

Tutorial at: gardensall.com

6. If you don’t have much space to do your planting at home, a simple gutter garden might be a chance:

7. The spiral garden gives a plan to grow food in a very small space:

8. These square planters keep your herbs separate and let you try many different sorts:

9. Build this pyramid trellis as an extra support for vegetable plants:

Image via: grit.com

10. Use a pallet as a garden bed. Staple the garden fabric to the backside of the pallet, so that it can retain soil to grow plants:

Tutorial at: busycreatingmemories.com

11. Metal water troughs and custom cedar frames can be turned into raised garden beds. You can remove them when you don’t need to grow your vegetable garden:

Tutorial at: houseandbloom.com        Image via: flickr.com

12. These two vegetable garden layout ideas allow you to plant a lot of different vegetable and let you easy to pick and maintain your food:


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