Build a Log or Wood Slice Fountain for Backyard


Having a small backyard doesn’t mean it has to be limited and boring. Sometimes, with the right designs, it can even surprise you. There are many additions that can bring fun and life to your backyard, such as colorful plants, a peaceful pond, or a bubbling fountain.

In my opinion, a fountain would be the best choice. Even though building it is no small project, it can greatly enhance the look of your space and provide it with a serene and natural sound. Moreover, if you also want to add a rustic feel to your backyard and happen to have some spare logs, you can utilize them to create a DIY log fountain or water feature.

1. Stack some wood slices to create this rustic log water feature:


Let’s embark on a DIY adventure by stacking wood slices to craft a rustic log water feature that will breathe life into your backyard. This project is a delightful way to bring the calming sounds of flowing water closer to home.  How to Build a Fountain: a similar project


2. Build a DIY wood fountain in a corner of the backyard and decorate it with rocks and stones:


Discover how to transform that neglected corner of your backyard into a serene retreat with a fallen log fountain. As we delve into the details, you’ll learn how to adorn it with rocks and stones, blending nature’s wonders seamlessly into your outdoor space.

3. Natural stone and fallen logs will greatly enhance the outdoor space’s appearance:


Envision the transformative power of natural stone and fallen logs as they collaborate to elevate your outdoor space’s aesthetics. This timeless combination is the key to enhancing the overall allure of your garden.


4. Hang a stick of bamboo between two logs to create a cool waterfall:


Are you ready to infuse your backyard with a touch of enchantment? By suspending a bamboo stick between two logs, you can create a mesmerizing waterfall. Dive into this project and let your outdoor haven come alive.


5. Take a piece of driftwood and then turn it into a rustic log water fountain:


Uncover the beauty of repurposing as we guide you through the process of turning a humble piece of driftwood into a charming rustic garden water fountain. This project effortlessly marries nature’s grace with your outdoor decor.


6. Use iron straps to bind three pieces of logs together:


Imagine adding an artistic flair to your backyard with the help of iron straps that securely bind three logs together. This creative endeavor results in an eye-catching focal point, seamlessly blending rustic and contemporary elements in your outdoor space.



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