75 Fabulous, Elegant, and Cute Spring Mantel Decor Ideas

The arrival of spring is the best time to arrange and display your spring mantel decor. It is always advisable to choose the best decoration ideas to showcase the unparalleled ecstasy of the colorful spring. Here are 75 fabulous, elegant, and cute spring mantel decor ideas to choose from. These ideas let you add some splashes of color to the mantel and celebrate the season in the best way possible.

These wonderful spring mantel decor ideas will keep your creative juices flowing. They also offer excellent fun and excitement. Further, these 75 ideas capture the true essence of the spring season to make you feel energetic and vibrant.

1. Simple and Elegant Splashes of Color

This simple spring mantel decor idea teaches you how to combine green, purple, white, and pink colors with dark grey-painted bricks.

via: Happy Housie

2. Peony Wreath Spring Mantel Decor on a Faux Window Arch

Learn how to make a peony wreath using wood tones, olive buckets, chipped wood paint, and pink blooms.

via theturquoisehome.com

3. Modern Farm House Design

Make an elegant decor with a shiplap background using riser blocks, trees, and birds of natural colors.

via: Thistlewood Farms

4. Classic Mantel Decor

Build a vintage mantel design with flower pots containing peachy pink, green, and white florals.

via: Little Vintage Nest

5. Ultra-Modern and Futuristic Spring Mantel Decor

Make a harmonious, futuristic mantel design that decorates a mantel beautifully.

via Nest of Posies

6. A Farmhouse Chic Mantel

Use a lantern, potted mini box woods, pitchers with varying sizes, and a white hanging wall clock with black hour hands and letters to create a mantel design with a farmhouse touch.

via: A Blissful Nest

7. Pale Pink Bunny Mantel Decor

This spring mantel decor idea teaches you how to make a pretty and cute design with a pale pink bunny in the background.

via: Landeelu

8. A Mantel with Spring Time Flowers

Learn how to decorate a stone fireplace using daffodils and tulips with a rustic touch.

via: Mamas Dance

9. Stylish and Colorful Spring Mantel Decor

This decor idea discusses the task of blending bright tulips, an antique birdcage, a wooden birdhouse, and white bunnies to make a stylish and colorful fireplace.

via: DIY Show Off

10. Minimalistic Mantel Design

Use a circle mirror, eucalyptus leaves, antlers, and a few other pieces to create a fire mantel with a minimalistic design.

via: Marci Schneider

Old Window Spring Mantel

Rustic Spring Mantel

Natural Greenery Spring Mantel

Spring mantel design with some glass bottles, some faux boxwood and other greenery, shutters, and lanterns

via: Worthing Court

Spring mantel design with various neutral shades.

via: Stone Gable

The placement of mini faux boxwood wreaths and faux Dogwood blooms

via: Dining Delight

This mantel decor with a lot of spring elements such as green mums, white hydrangeas, a butterfly painting, and a cement bunny.

via: Ciao From Newport Beach

The stone fireplace with beautiful vintage clock face

via: Duke Manor Farm

via: Savvy Southern Style

via: House By Hoff

via: Random Thoughts Home

White tulip wreath at the center of this white-themed mantel

via: My Pear Tree Home

via: 2 Ladies and a Chair


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