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20 Creative DIY Ideas To Hide The Wires in The Wall Room


I’m slightly addicted to wall art. This post you can get inspiration from how to hide the electrical wires in wall room and turn them into charming wall art decor. 20 creative ideas, some of these I would have never thought of. Share!

Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-01 Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-02 Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-03


Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-05    Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-06 Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-07 Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-08 Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-09 Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-10 Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-11 Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-12 Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-13 Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-14 Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-15 Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-16 Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-17 Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-18 Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-19 Ideas-To-Hide-The-Wires-20

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