Farmhouse Style Kitchen Storage with Wood Crates

Every family needs some efficient and cheap storage ways to keep the kitchen clutter free and organized. Wood crates are a good option as they can be used to create your easy and purposeful storage. Wood crates can also give your kitchen a more rustic feel, so if you love farmhouse style kitchen storage, then think about wood crates. You can buy recycled wood crates for very less in nearby flea market, and you can clean out your garage maybe you will find some crates that you had purchased, but no longer needed. Next, please take a look below ideas we have gathered for you, and pick up your tools to create your own wood crate storage.

1. Build a wall spice rack with vintage Coca Cola crates:


2. Build a two-tier wood crates stand for fresh produce storage:


3. Reuse a wood crate to store all your chopping boards:


4. Use an old wood crate to set up a kitchen coffee station:

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5. Storage your fresh veggies and fruits on this cool countertop rack:


6. Wood crates can be used to make drawers of cabinet and kitchen island:

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7. They can be used to store your frequently used cooking utensils:

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8. They are great to build a kitchen island pantry:


9. Create a mini library of cookbooks:

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