17 Mandala Decor Ideas To Rock Your Home

Patterns are great. The way they make a design, then come around again, and keep going. When we do it, we usually call it vacuuming. But when designs do it, it can be beautiful.
And not only are patterns attractive, but they are comforting. It’s nice sometimes to know what is coming. If you are a person who appreciates patterns (and, really, who doesn’t?), then we have exciting news: We have chosen to add Mandala inspired home decorations to our line up.
You heard right. The peaceful designs of the “circle” is here. Come and experience the continuity of the cosmos as you make your home look great. You can have fun, get a house that is the talk of the town (in a good way), and have meditation focus—all in one.


Draw a circle. The better the circle is, the better the rest of your mandala can be.
Now, divide your circle with 16 straight pencil lines, as if you were making a pizza and 16 friends showed up. In the center, where the lines intersect, using a black fine point Sharpie, draw three circles. Make them small, medium, and bigger.
Remember the pizza cuts? Use those lines around the outside of the circle as guides and draw arches all around—two rows of them.
From there, add petals, leaves, arches—pretty much what you want. Just make sure it is the same all the way around.
The mandala was first used around the first century B.C.E. The layers are the outer. That’s the nature or concept of principle.. Then there is the inner, the embodiment experience. And third is the secret. It is the recognition or realization of sacredness.
So you can make your mandala pretty much as you like, after the basic first steps. Because each one is very personal.
Patterns—They’re great, aren’t they?

Check 17 Mandala Decor Ideas to Rock Your Home:

1. Use Stencils and Paint on Your Wooden Floor

2. Use a Stencil to Paint Mandala Patterns on the Dining Table Your family will eat it up. (Ooh, a pun!)

via: stencils lab

3. Need Storage?
Have a Mandala meditation starburst case by using three sizes of square cubbies.

via: apartmenttherapy.com

4.For the Outdoors, Use Pebbles to Create a Mandala Mosaic

via: houzz.com , houzz.com

6. Decorate any Interior Walls with Mandalas

via: stencils lab

7. Use Mandala Decals and Watch Your Kitchen Cabinets Connect to the Cosmos

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8. Carve Your Wooden Head Board in a Mandala

via: designideas.pics , casinhacolorida-simone.blogspot.com

9. Make Any Room Special with a tapestry of Mandala Designs

10. Paint Your Stairs with the Steps of Meditation Mandalas
The colors can move from dark to light, as it does in discovery.

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11. Make a Table Runner with Crocheted Mandala Patterns

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14. Reuse Pallet Wood by Painting Mystical Mandalas on Pallets

15. Paint a Beautiful Focus for Everyone Outside—A Stunning Mandala Mosaic Light

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16. Love Painting? Love Your Kids? Silly questions. Of course you do. Take care of your kids by surprising them with a Mandala Painted on their Ceiling

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17. Handle Your Dreams with Crocheted Dream Catchers in Mandala Designs

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