A Woman Bypasses Mortgage Payments Builds a Tiny House


Idaho-based architect Macy Miller has a dream of a compact home. Only cost about $11,000, this tiny house on a flatbed trailer measures 24-foot long and 8-foot wide, and was built complete with eco-friendly sustainable materials.

Tiny-House-On-A-Flatbed-Trailer-1 Tiny-House-On-A-Flatbed-Trailer-2 Tiny-House-On-A-Flatbed-Trailer-3 Tiny-House-On-A-Flatbed-Trailer-4 Tiny-House-On-A-Flatbed-Trailer-5 Tiny-House-On-A-Flatbed-Trailer-6 Tiny-House-On-A-Flatbed-Trailer-7 Tiny-House-On-A-Flatbed-Trailer-8 Tiny-House-On-A-Flatbed-Trailer-9 Tiny-House-On-A-Flatbed-Trailer-10 Tiny-House-On-A-Flatbed-Trailer-11 Tiny-House-On-A-Flatbed-Trailer-12 Tiny-House-On-A-Flatbed-Trailer-13

Source:  Mymodernmet


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