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Does Your Home Need a New Roof?

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23 Impressive Sunken Design Ideas For Your Garden and Yard

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Tiny Craftsman Bungalow on Wheels

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Natural Cordwood Masonry Cabins

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23 Breathtaking Forest-Fringed Wood Cabins

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24 Epic Shipping Container Houses No Lack of Luxury

Have you heard of “Capsule Apartment”? A similar event to that is residential project made of shipping containers. It’s an interesting case. Thanks to its low cost and recyclable,[...]

A Woman Bypasses Mortgage Payments Builds a Tiny House

Idaho-based architect Macy Miller has a dream of a compact home. Only cost about $11,000, this tiny house on a flatbed trailer measures 24-foot long and 8-foot wide, and was[...]

Texas Couple Built A Fabulous Tree House For Their Grandchildren

Every kid dreams of having a beautiful tree house in their backyard. Take a look at this stunning luxury tree playhouse. Steve and Jeri Wakefield of Dallas, Texas built[...]

Hotel Balcony Swimming Pools

If you ever wanted a swimming pool, most of the time you were thinking it should be built in the backyard, garden or indoor. But here are some pictures[...]