Texas Couple Built A Fabulous Tree House For Their Grandchildren


Every kid dreams of having a beautiful tree house in their backyard. Take a look at this stunning luxury tree playhouse. Steve and Jeri Wakefield of Dallas, Texas built this for their grandkids. Amazing! I want to said this playhouse make me want to be a child again!

Fabulous-Tree-House-2 Fabulous-Tree-House-3 Fabulous-Tree-House-4 Fabulous-Tree-House-5 Fabulous-Tree-House-6 Fabulous-Tree-House-7 Fabulous-Tree-House-8 Fabulous-Tree-House-9 Fabulous-Tree-House-10 Fabulous-Tree-House-11

photos by Sarah Greenman

via everlasting blort, Neatorama, beautifullife