15 Rustic Crafts With Old Mattress Springs

If you are a lover of handmade decor and a defender of reusable crafts: this article is for you! With the springs of an old mattress that you no longer use, you can make your own decorative elements or gifts for your family.

Of course, make sure to clean the rust off the springs and then paint them to make it looks good on the decoration you want to do.

In this article we have collected fifteen great ideas to give new life to your old mattress springs. And if you like them but you don’t have any mattresses to throw away, in vintage stores you can surely find some for just a few cents.

#1. Custom Screen

If you have a large living room, a shared bedroom or a room that you need to divide, you can create a screen with the entire metal structure. Decorate it, fill it with lights or entangle creeping plants to make that wall a new decorative element!

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#2. Flower vase

You only need to get a long, thin and transparent glass in which to place the flowers and water so that they do not dry out. And when you have it, place it in the center of the spring. This will keep it straight so it doesn’t tip over.

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#3. Vintage Spring Wreath

If you like rustic decorations on the wall or garlands on the door, you can make your own circular wreath with the springs. You can either hang it directly, or use it as a base to create a more complex garland: you can hang plastic flowers or make straw braids around it, for example.

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#4. Candle Holder

Try the same idea as for the flower vase, but now for a candle. You can use a glass jar to place the candle inside and rest it on the central part of the springs so that it rests floating above the table.

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#5. Spring Pot Holder

With the rusted springs you can do a lot of crafts too. You can create bases to hold small pots of plants for your garden. They will look very rustic and unique.

#6. Print and Photo Display

This is a bit more complex to do, but it can be perfect as a decoration in the living room above the fireplace, for example. Lay a stretched spring on a flat surface and anchor it so the spring doesn’t shrink again. Once it has the desired shape, you can place some photos, drawings or paintings between the rings.

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#7. Recipe or Photo Holder

Another beautiful way to display your photos or to hold your recipes is with a clothespin. Place the springs upside down and stick a tweezer on the top tip in which you will clamp the recipes or photos.

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#8. DIY Bird Nests

If you are a lover of the rural and rustic look, you can use the conical shape of the springs to create nests for birds. They can be both interior decoration, and exterior facilities for the real birds in your area to make nests in the trees in your garden.

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#9. Christmas Candle

You can use the old springs painted in shades of brown, green, or red to hold large white candles. In addition, you can place fir twigs to decorate.

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#10. Spring Garden Trellis

If your mattress is made of a network of springs, you can place it entirely vertically in your garden so that your plants grow vertical, climbing and interweaving.

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#11. Give a Bottle of Wine

You can use the springs to wrap the wine bottles as decoration. This will add a rustic touch to your gift.

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#12. Flower-Shaped Sewing Cushion

If you want to make a gift for a sewing lover, you can paint the springs green. At the top point you can hook a flower-shaped cushion. That way you will have a beautiful flower-shaped sewing cushion!

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#13. Jewelry Organizer

If you keep the entire network of springs, you can hang it on the wall to hook all your jewelry: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

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#14. Note Hanger

With the same idea as the jewelry organizer, you can use it to attach notes with clips. Be creative!

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#15. Food Spring Holder

For the parties, this is the perfect idea: hold paper cones in which you place the food already distributed in portions, for example use it to place the French fries!

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These are fifteen incredible ideas with which you can take advantage of the springs of an old mattress to make rustic and original decor for your home.


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