20 Easy Creative Painting Hacks For Kids

Painting is a great way to help children explore their creative side and grow their mind positively, but it is never limited to create with brushes and a tin of watercolors. As kids grow up, they like to use a variety of ways to draw and express themselves. For instance, through mixing various hues with empty tissue paper rolls, children create something unique – fireworks painting, express their emotions. Finger painting will enable kids to express their true feelings on canvas. The dandelion painting below will be a good example. In addition, also consider teaching your little one to transfer what they see in nature on paper, enhancing their sense of environmental awareness. Leaf paintings are worth trying. There are a great number of creative painting ideas for kids that are sure to capture their hearts and imaginations. Although these painting projects will bring some mess, they are an excellent way to inspire children’s creativity.

1. Christmas Light Chalk Stencil Painting:

Tutorial: buggyandbuddy.com

2. Bubble Painting with Bubble Blowers:

Tutorial: broogly.com & childhood101.com

3. Rolling Pins and Yarn Painting:

Tutorial: funlittles.com

4. An Interesting Combination of Science and Art – Pendulum Painting:

Tutorial: jennyrambles.wordpress.com & studiosproutsantacruz.com

5. Draw Dandelions With Kid’s Fingers:

Video Tutorial: Youtube.com

6. Craft a Newspaper Skyline:

Image via: studio-kids.com

7. Salt, Glue and Watercolors to Create Salt Painting:

Tutorial: teaching2and3yearolds.com & cbc.ca

8. Cotton Swab Dandelion Painting:

Video Tutorial: Youtube.com

9. Rainbow Paint With a Rolling Pin:

Image via: instagram.com

10. Firework Painting:

Tutorial: danyabanya.com

11. Create A LEGO Block Painting:

Tutorial: raisinglittlesuperheroes.com

12. Painting with Trucks:

Tutorial: learnplayimagine.com

13. Wax Paper Resist Painting:

Tutorial: housingaforest.com

14. Colorful Splattered Painting:

Tutorial: hellowonderful.co

15. Wrapped Yarn Resist Birch Tree Paintings:

Tutorial: thepinterestedparent.com

16. Create Leaf Painting In Fall Colors:

Image via: meaningfulmama.com

17. Shaving Cream Paint Art:

Image via: coolmompicks.com

18. A Tree Reflects Colorful Foliage:


Tutorial: messforless.net

20. Corkscrews Thankful Tree Painting:

Image via: busymomshelper.com


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