17 Fun Crochet Table Runner Ideas With Free Patterns

For many people, when it comes to table runners, the general consensus is to simply get a standard one from the store. And why not? They are simple, easy, and can be pretty cheap depending on where you go.

The problem is that store-bought table runners aren’t nearly as unique or fun as ones you can make yourself. Not only that, but a homemade table runner is much more durable and will actually cost less than even the cheapest ones in the store, all while being a delight to knit and create. So why not explore the world of free crochet table runner patterns?

Here are 17 fun and exciting crochet table runner ideas that can make your dining table stand out from your friends and neighbors.

Snowflake Crochet Table Runner for Winter:

Transform your dining table into a winter wonderland with this delightful crochet pattern! This simple crochet table runner design features charming snowflakes, ideal for adding a touch of holiday spirit to your home decor.

The instructions are a breeze to follow, ensuring you can craft a festive table runner that will be a conversation starter for many seasons to come.

Get creative with bernat pipsqueak and red heart super saver yarns and bring your imagination to life while making this fun and festive table runner!
Link to Free Pattern: psychedelicdoilies.com

Quick and Colorful Crochet Table Runner:

Whip up a beautiful and vibrant table runner in just 4 hours with this beginner-friendly crochet pattern – perfect for unwinding in front of the TV.

This handmade masterpiece will add a charming touch to your home decor and is a fantastic way to utilize leftover yarn from your stash.

The free crochet table runner pattern includes instructions and a helpful video tutorial to guide you through the process. You’ll need Lion Brand landscapes yarn, a size K crochet hook, a yarn needle, and scissors to get started, so let your creativity flow!
Link to Free  Pattern: patternprincess.com

Playful Puff Dreams Crochet Table Runner:

Infuse a bit of playfulness into your table decor with this beginner-friendly crochet pattern – the Puff Dreams table runner!

Utilize any cotton scraps you have lying around to create this eye-catching design. You can choose your own color scheme or opt for a solid pattern, making it a wonderful gift or holiday/birthday decoration.

Its lightweight design makes it travel-friendly, so you can take it with you on the go. The materials list includes an amour crochet hook J (6.0mm), worsted weight (4) cotton yarn, extra yarn for seaming, darning needle set, and locking stitch markers.
Link to Free Pattern: blog.clover-usa.com

Thanksgiving Crochet Table Runner:

Add a special touch to your Thanksgiving dinner table with this crochet table runner pattern!

Perfect for beginners, it features a simple and repetitive pattern that won’t keep you busy for long. Crafting it is easy and enjoyable with the provided instructions.

You’ll need caron soft yarn, a size H crochet hook, a “give thanks” pixel graph, and a tapestry needle. Enhance your decor with the beautiful “give thanks” design running down the center of your handmade runner.
Link to Pattern: repeatcrafterme.com

Festive Crochet Table Runner for the Holidays:

Spruce up your home for the holidays with this festive and free crochet table runner pattern!

You’ll adore the texture, and you can personalize it as you like – with or without traditional fringe.

Gather a 5.0mm (H hook), removable stitch markers, a yarn needle, scissors, and some wecrochet brava worsted yarn to kickstart this perfect home decoration project. Link to Pattern: brianakdesigns.com

Leaf Table Runner

Get a jump on the fall and autumn season with this super cute design. Place them on your living room table to act as a coaster for your drinks or a place to place dishes or other items on.

Free Pattern: ABC Knitting Patterns

Flowery Table Runner

This colorful design is perfect for the spring season. You can throw these over a dining table or on top of your sofa or love chair. Not only is it very nice, but it’s also incredibly eye-catching!

Free Pattern: Armarinho Sao Jose

Puff Pineapple Table Runner

An incredibly beautiful and versatile design that can be used to house numerous decorations on a table or desk setting. Make it any color to add your own unique style to it.

Free Pattern Video: Tejiendo Perú on Youtube

Fall Table Runner

An excellent addition to the earlier leaf table runner. Having a place for this year’s big Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas dinners to sit on will make you the most talked about person this 2021!

Snowflake Table Runner

While certainly ideal for the winter holidays, this beautiful white design is so versatile, it can be used at just about any time of the year.

Free Pattern:  Fave Crafts 

Linen Stitch Table Runner

A beautiful patterned design that gives life and light to your dining table. Go with the established purplish colors for a royal look or switch them up based on your own personal mood and style.

Free Pattern:  the Unraveled Mitten

Lacy Flower Runner

This lacy flower design adds a beauty and refinement to your table setting all on its own. By adding a few decorations, you’ll suddenly look as though your home belongs on a magazine!

Poinsettia Flower Runner

A very bright and exuberant colored setting, this beautiful flower runner makes no bones about catching one’s eyes and leaving an impression. Mix and match the colors to create exotic and amazing designs.

Free Pattern: Las Maravillas del Crochet

Holly Table Runner

Not only perfect for the most auspicious of seasonal occasions but as decorations as well, this design is something all Christmas dinners should have as it truly sets the mood.

Starburst Table Runner

A gorgeous design that, while difficult, is well worth the effort. People will likely make up reasons to have dinner after they get a look at this table runner.

Free Pattern: Coats Design Team on Ravelry

Crochet Spiral Table Runner

For those that are into the more esoteric designs and are artists at heart, this table runner will have you contemplating the meaning of existence for hours on end.

Free Pattern:: Alextitia Tuto Crochet on Youtube

Fractional Spiral Table Runner

If the earlier one wasn’t fascinating enough, the geometric shape and perfection found in this one will draw everyone over. Just know that by the time you’re finished, you’ll have all the answers to life’s questions.

Free Pattern: Alextitia Tuto Crochet on Youtube

3D Rose Flower Table Runner

A fascinating design that will really amaze your guests. Put this on the dinner table or a piece of furniture to really give your home the extra pop.

Free Pattern Video: Milagros Ena

Bohemia Valley Table Runner

A beautiful, if subtle, design that goes well in any setting or environment.

Free Pattern: Creative Crochet Workshop

Hexagonal Table Runner

A full-on design that showcases not only your skill in crocheting but your eye for beauty and design. This can go anywhere in your home for any occasion. No matter where it is, however, just know people are going to comment on its beauty.

Free Pattern: Tutsplus.com

Flower Power Table Runner

Free Pattern: Yarnspirations.com


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