DIY Grill Station Ideas to Make Your Grilling Easier

Summer is the best grilling season. Nothing beats the taste of grilled food. Grilling does not only mean basic meal, but a fun summer activity, gathering with friends over for a day full of great food and ice-cold drinks. But it’s not enough to just have a grill. An outdoor grilling station is a must-have barbecue setup that makes cooking outside with your grill easier than ever before. Although some grills come with their own stations, you would want to build one if you want to have a bit more counter space to work, more prep space for food, and serving areas for guests. Old lumber, pallets and cinder blocks, they are almost zero-cost materials that can be put together with your grill to create your DIY grilling station. Here are some of the most creative BBQ station ideas to help you get your project off the ground:

1. Pallets are great for create the main structure of a grilling station:

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2. Use an inexpensive way to upgrade your movable grill to a fancy, stone-covered grilling station:

How to build:

3. Concrete is a great material to build a more permanent kitchen station that can add value to your home:

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4. Built from planks and topped with a piece of granite, this small grill station is great for a country home near woods:

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5. Made with recycled wood, this stripped-down kitchen island provides a compact and efficient design for a built-in BBQ grill:

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6. Cinder blocks and patio stones can be used to build an outdoor cooking station to let you have a bit more counter space to work with when grilling:

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7. Wood makes it easy to build the main structure of your grilling station, then you can strong it with bricks or cinder blocks:

8. A really simple BBQ table gives you counter space and shelving, and more, a tilt-out trash bin makes your grilling jobs more easier:

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9. Portable Barbeque Station | How to build:

10. Pallet BBQ Station | Image via: