Best 30 DIY Root Cellar Plans & Ideas for Year-Round Freshness

Ever heard of an underground space that’s like nature’s fridge for your veggies? It’s a root cellar! Harnessing Earth’s coolness and humidity, it’s been keeping food fresh for centuries – way before fridges! Perfect for storing carrots, potatoes, and more.

Whether you’re into off-grid vibes or just need extra storage, these root cellars got you covered. And don’t worry if you love your fridge – these cellars can be your food storage sidekick. Let’s explore the world of root cellars together – because who doesn’t love fresh, happy veggies?

A root cellar like having a massive fridge with 4 cool benefits:

Mega Fridge Space: Imagine a space even bigger than your regular fridge – that’s what a root cellar offers! Tons of room to stash your goodies for months on end.

Super Longevity: Your fruits and veggies will stay fresher way longer than if you just left them lying around at home. It’s like a magic trick for food preservation!

Health Boost: Root cellars are like the guardians of healthy eating. Forget about foods with a gazillion ingredients and a shelf life that outlasts a decade. Here, it’s all about fresh, wholesome goodness that adds a dash of vitality to your life.

Wallet-Friendly: Root cellars are money-savers. Stock up on bulk deals, garden hauls, or generous food gifts without worrying about things going bad. Even after your garden takes a winter nap, you’ll still have a stash of fresh goodness.

Now, not all fruits and veggies are root cellar champs. Skip the strawberries and go for the root squad – beets, carrots, potatoes, turnips, onions – they’re the real MVPs. And apples? They have their VIP section in a separate cellar. Root cellars aren’t just storage spaces; they’re your secret weapon for a fresh and fabulous food journey!

5 Must-Have Features for building a Root Cellar:

Not all root cellars are the same. To make one that stores your food effectively, it should have 5 key things:

Cool Temperatures

Your root cellar needs the right temperature – ideally, 32 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 to 4.5 degrees Celsius. Cooler is better (without freezing) to slow down the release of ethylene gas from your crops.
For a DIY root cellar, location matters. Choose a shady spot, like a north-facing slope, for the best results. Also, build it below the frost line to avoid freezing.


Embrace the darkness! A root cellar should never see natural sunlight. Darkness prevents food decay and sprouting. Feel free to add lights for visibility, but keep it dim.

High Humidity

Humidity is a must – aim for 85-95%. It prevents moisture loss, keeping your food from drying out. Select a well-drained location, use dirt or gravel, and consider a DIY rain collection system for the right humidity.

Good Ventilation

Ventilation is crucial for the right temperature and humidity. It stops mold and mildew growth and helps push out ethylene gas from your produce, keeping your food fresh.

Accessible Location

Think about accessibility. Your root cellar’s location matters for temperature and humidity, but it should also be easy to reach. No one wants a chore! If you deal with snow, consider building it under a shed or covered area for easy access.

Now, on to the plans…

30 Best Root Cellar Plans to Get You Started:

1. Robert’s Cinder Block Root Cellar

Marvel at Robert’s incredible cinder block root cellar project, a testament to his dedication in creating a storage space for his family.

The detailed photos captured during his construction journey showcase the meticulous effort and fantastic results. Check out for Cinder Block Root Cellar Project

2. Craft Your Own Hidden Oasis: DIY In-Ground Root Cellar

Ever thought of having a charming, classic in-ground root cellar that seamlessly blends with your property?

This cellar not only stores your veggies and canned goods but also stands discreetly on your land. Want to keep your harvest safe from storms?

Well, being in the ground provides excellent protection. It’s an all-around fantastic addition to any home, don’t you think?  Underground Root Cellar Plans via

3. Compact Gardener’s Solution: Trash Can Root Cellar

Not everyone has space for a massive cellar, especially those with tiny gardens.

Enter the ingenious idea of burying a trash can with a lid – a simple and effective solution for storing your garden harvest.

Don’t forget to add drainage holes for optimal functionality!   Check out here: Garbage Can Root Cellar

4. Earthbags Elegance: DIY Root Cellar Reinvented

Looking for an impressive in-ground root cellar with a unique twist?

Forget cinder blocks; this one features walls crafted from earthbags. You can either buy these bags or make your own sandbags – it’s practically the same thing!

Why not add a touch of sustainability to your root cellar project?  instructions here

5. Freezer Root Cellar: Repurpose with a Buried Freezer

Give new life to an old, non-functional freezer by turning it into a buried root cellar.

Bury the freezer in the ground with the door at ground level, providing cool storage outside.

It’s not just about repurposing a damaged appliance; it’s about creating a functional and eco-friendly storage solution.

6. The Swiss Army Knife of Root Cellars: Multi-Purpose Marvel

Imagine a root cellar that goes beyond being just a storage space. This project isn’t just about roots; it’s also an above-ground storm shelter.

What’s truly fascinating is the creative recycling of various materials. And here’s a bonus – they sealed it tight, keeping out snakes, mice, and spiders.

Worried about creepy crawlies? This root cellar might be your perfect home addition, don’t you agree?   Source:

7. Barrel Brilliance: Transforming Old Barrels into Root Cellars

Got an old barrel lying around? Follow the instructions from Family Survival Planning to effortlessly convert it into a practical root cellar.

Sometimes, simplicity is the key to effective food storage.  Check out: Barrel Root Cellar

8. Budget Brilliance: The Low-Cost Earth Bag Wonder

Looking for a root cellar that does more than one job without breaking the bank?

This structure serves as a root cellar, storm shelter, and storage building.

Plus, it might even save you from the hassle of a building permit, thanks to its compact size.   Instruction here:

9. Green Roof Charm: Uniquely Beautiful Root Cellar

Behold a root cellar that captivates with its unique and stunning design.

Crafted from cordwood and featuring a green roof, this structure is nestled into the earth, ensuring a cool haven for your vegetables throughout the year. Isn’t it a delightful addition to any garden?   Instruction here:

10. Unveiling Common Ground in Root Cellar Diversity

Though these root cellars may differ in appearance, they share a common goal – year-round food storage.

One is the classic cinder block-built traditional root cellar, while the other takes a less conventional form.

Picture a straw-filled barrel, placed underground to securely store your vegetables. Diverse yet equally effective!   Plans found at:

11. Earth Bag Wonder: A Unique and Affordable Option

Built with earthbags – a simple combination of sand and earth in a bag, stacked like bricks – this structure is not only cost-effective but also exceptionally distinctive.

Imagine a root cellar that stands out without breaking the bank!

12 Stone Root Cellar Plans

13. Amy’s Dreamy Homestead Root Cellar

Step into the realm of absolute beauty with this gorgeous root cellar, boasting a rustic charm that seamlessly fits into any farm or homestead.

No wonder Amy calls it her dream root cellar – and I can’t help but dream of owning one like this too!  found at:

14. Simplifying Dreams: The 7-Step Root Cellar Guide

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of building your own root cellar? Fear not, this site has you covered.

They break down the process into 7 manageable steps, complete with pictures.

Sturdily built with cinder block walls and a unique dome roof, this root cellar offers both strength and character. If you seek a blend of durability and uniqueness, this might just be the root cellar of your dreams.  Found at:

15. A Touch of Modern Elegance in Root Cellar Design

This unique and stunning cellar starts like the typical cinder block root cellars but takes a turn towards modernity with its exquisite décor.

It’s not just a storage space; it’s a visual delight. Who says practicality can’t be stylish? Found at:

16. School Bus Ingenuity: Unconventional Root Cellar Solution

Transforming an old school bus into a root cellar might sound unconventional, but it’s a brilliant repurposing idea.

Dig a substantial hole, bury the bus, and voila – a large root cellar for your food storage needs.

It may be unorthodox, but it’s a creative and resourceful use of an out-of-commission vehicle.

17. Back to Basics: The Simple Dug-In Root Cellar

Looking for simplicity and economy in a root cellar? Dig a hole, add a wooden hinged door, and you’re set!

This sturdy and economical option boasts a rustic appearance, making it an appealing choice for those who appreciate simplicity and ease of construction.  Found at:

18. Mini Marvel: Your Guide to a Compact Root Cellar

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced carpenter, this article is your go-to resource for building a smaller root cellar.

If you’re in need of a detailed guide for a more modest cellar, this might be the perfect fit for you.   Found at:

19. Deck Convenience: Root Cellar Right at Your Back Door

Seeking convenience in your root cellar? Imagine having it built right into your back deck.

Simply create a hole, insulate it, and transform your deck into a storage haven for winter bounty. Smart, practical, and conveniently close to home.

20. A-Frame Delight: Uniqueness Meets Permanence in Root Cellar Design

Explore the uniqueness of this root cellar featuring straw insulation and a more permanent structure.

The thoughtful use of materials adds charm, making it a delightful choice for those seeking a distinctive and enduring root cellar solution.  Found at:  cobandon

21. Hobbit Hole Magic: Affordable and Unique Root Cellar

Picture an inexpensive and one-of-a-kind root cellar where simplicity meets ingenuity.

Just dig a hole, place your food inside, cover it with a wooden door, and insulate it with mulch and organic matter. An uncomplicated yet effective way to store your harvest! Found at:

22. Organic Garden Blanket: A Budget-Friendly Alternative

What if a massive walk-in root cellar with cinder block walls isn’t feasible due to financial constraints?

Enter the organic garden blanket – a clever solution where bags filled with organic matter cover your root vegetables, ensuring year-round harvest without breaking the bank.   Found at:

23. Rustic Charm: The Beauty of a Wooden-Doored Root Cellar

Behold the allure of a rustic root cellar featuring a wooden door and stone front.

This cellar is not just gorgeous; it’s a treasure that would enhance the beauty of your property effortlessly. Found at:

24. Boat Elegance: A Nautical Twist to Root Cellars

Give new life to an old boat by turning it into a unique root cellar. Dig a hole, bury the boat, and you’ve got an extraordinary storage space for your food.

It’s a fantastic blend of functionality and creativity using something that was otherwise just sitting around on your property.

25. Dual-Purpose Container: Root Cellar Meets Storm Shelter

Combine functionality and safety with a root cellar that doubles as a storm shelter.

Dig into a hill, place a shipping container, ensure proper ventilation, and you’ve got a versatile solution.

A practical choice, especially if you reside in an area prone to storms.

26. Effortless Cool: The Ground Fridge Root Cellar

Simplify your root cellar project with a Ground Fridge – a ready-to-use, easy insert that keeps your food cool.

If you’re looking for a straightforward option, consider this purchase-ready solution that simplifies what could be a complex project.