17 Cool Ways to Decorate Your Flower Pots

Flowers and flower pots are essential part of every home as they bring into beauty and positive energy. The artistic and unique flower pots will greatly highlight the beautiful charm of your flower plants. So for those of DIY lovers, they prefer making their creative diy garden pots that could surely stand out great in any space inside or outside of a home. But you probably have bought a good number of terracotta pots to plant your flowers, and you don’t really like their original terracotta color, then you will need some ways to dress them up. Decorating terracotta pots or other plain flower containers is actually very easy, and there are so many different creative ways to go about it! Have a look:

1. Stick custom waterproof stickers for your flower pots and express what you want to say with custom stickers :

More details: customsticker.com

2. Marble your boring flower pots with your old nail polishes:

Tutorial: instructables.com

3. Turn a plain terra cotta flower pot to a cute fairy cottage:

See the tutorial: lifecreativelyorganized.com

4. Rope-wrapped and painted terra cotta planters will bring a nautical feel:

See the tutorial: housebyhoff.com

5. Cover The Flower Pots in Crochet:

Image via: etsy.com

5. Cover the PVC pipe with Broken Tiles and China Plates to make these tall planters:

Tutorial: Fszinesotletek.blog.hu   and  charsgardening.com

6. An easy project to bring in a touch of gold here and there in your home:

Tutorial: nestofposies-blog.com

7. Give your old flower pot a bold color and decorate with a little lace trim:

more details: hometalk.com

8. Add a bit of Nautical-style to your home with these Sand Covered Pots:

Tutorial: everydayhomeblog.com

9. Gild white pots in silver or gold with gilding sheets:

Tutorial: the36thavenue.com

10. Glam up some plain pots with stencil:

Tutorial: diycandy.com

11. Colorful stones used in a flower pot refresh job:

12. Make a photo flower pot as mother’s day gift:

Tutorial: adiamondinthestuff.com

13. Warm your space with these cheerful fabric covered pots:

Tutorial: lulus.com

14. Coat your flower pots in chalkboard paint and you can write any words on you want:

Tutorial: thefarmgirlgabs.com    &    awalkinmyflipflops.com

15. Create a Dripping Effect with Painted Flower Pots:

More details: craftymorning.com

16. Use a crayon to draw the patterns you want:

More details: kaikkeakotona.blogspot.com

17. Decorate Pots With Preserved Moss:

Tutorial: craftinvaders.co.uk