15 DIY Ideas for Snack Storage

Who can resist a snack or two? Not many people that’s for sure. In fact, it might surprise you to learn that children are not the only culprits for sneaking into the pantry looking for a snack. Many adults get the cravings late at night too! If your pantry looks anything like mine did, then you will find it stuffed with a variety of different snacks in no particular order. They were piled high or low in between some of the essential items of food. That is why I decided to have a tidy up and determined to keep it that way discovered these great snack storage ideas. If you are wanting to streamline your pantry, why not consider carefully arranging your snacks so you will always know what you have left, what has been eaten and what needs replacing. The snack storage ideas are not revolutionary, but they are surprisingly practical.

#1. Miniature Clothespins Are Ideal

If space is a premium you can use affix miniature clothespins to a storage Board to go over a cabinet door.  via: fennellseeds.com

#2. Colorful Stackable Plastic Bins inside The Pantry

These are a firm favourite as they can be obtained in many different colors and can be stacked as high as you need.   via: mom4real.com

#3. Perfectly Sized Glass Jars

For those smaller snacks and sweets, consider using a variety of colored or clear jars. Choose all similar sized jars for a great impact. Very tidy and you can see instantly what is inside. Don’t put them too high for little fingers though!  via: jewelpie.com

#4. Wooden Tiered Storage Rack

If you have plenty of room in your kitchen, why not consider a wooden storage rack? Stylish looking and supremely practical – this is the great way to go, especially if you choose a tiered version.   via: 100things2do.ca

#5. Drawer Space

Use any free drawer space to create trays of snacks.   via: instagram.com

#6. Shoe Organizers Are Not Just For Shoes

Shoe organizers hung over the pantry door are perfect for snacks.  via: realmomkitchen.com

#7. Super Stylish Metal Bin Containers

Stylish metal containers can be affixed to the wall or pantry door, making plenty of extra storage space.  via: lilblueboo.com

#8. Limited Resources? Ziplock Bags Are Perfect

If you don’t have money to spend on any new containers, you can use (or re-use) Ziploc bags and nail them to the back of your pantry door.   via: mrshappyhomemaker.com

#9. Basket Snacking

If baskets are your favorite material, why not modernize an old outdated bookcase with a series of different sized baskets.

#10. Cheap And Cheerful Tiered Wire Metal Rack

You will have seen plenty of these in stores, but they are a really inexpensive way of creating more storage on your kitchen (or any workspace) top. Safe for children too.  via: thefrugalhomemaker.com

#11. 3-Tiered Wire Rack

A 3-tiered wire rack is a great option for storing snacks in a small space. The vertical design maximizes space while the wire construction allows for air circulation to keep snacks fresh. Use it in your pantry or on a countertop.

via: displays2go.com

#12. Hang Snacks Onto Wire Shelves

If you have wire shelves in your pantry or kitchen, consider hanging snack bags from the wires. Simply clip the bags onto the wires using clothespins or binder clips. This not only saves space but also makes it easier to see what snacks you have.

#13. Penny Candy 6 Jar Rack

A penny candy 6 jar rack is a charming way to store and display snacks. Fill the jars with your favorite sweet or savory treats and place the rack on a countertop or shelf. It’s perfect for a vintage or retro-inspired kitchen.

via: candyconceptsinc.com

#14. flip top containers to store

Flip top containers are a convenient way to store snacks like cereal, crackers, or pretzels. They keep your snacks fresh and easily accessible. Plus, the flip top lid makes it easy to grab a quick snack on the go.

via: justanothermummyblog.com

#15. Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are versatile and can be used to store a variety of snacks. They come in a range of sizes and can be used on a countertop or in a pantry. They’re also great for holding snacks like fruit that need to be ventilated.

#16. Pantry Makeover with Baskets and Containers

Whether you prefer baskets or labeled containers, these storage options can help you keep your munchies in order. Not enough space in your pantry? No problem! You can also use wire baskets attached to the pantry door for extra storage.

Via Seevanessacraft

#17. Over-the-Cabinet Door Wire Baskets

Short on space? These wire baskets can be hung over a cabinet door to keep snacks within easy reach. Just make sure you have enough room inside the cabinet to allow the door to close. These baskets extend about 5 inches from the door, so keep that in mind.

#18. Colorful Candy Drawer

Do you have a big drawer in your kitchen? Turn it into a full-fledged candy tray by filling it with chocolates and candy bars. Use clear and closed bins of the same size and arrange them in an orderly manner for easy access.

Via Thehomeedit

#19. Airtight Plastic Canisters

Keep your snacks fresh for days with these BPA-free, airtight plastic containers. The set comes with cute labels, markers, and colorful spoons to make snack storage fun and stylish.

#20. Smart Shelves for Snacks

Grab some inexpensive baskets or bins from the dollar store and paint them in two different colors that match your kitchen pantry. Arrange them in a row and label them for a sleek and organized look.

Via Momendeavours


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