Grow Your Plants in Raised Garden Beds

Raised beds are becoming more and more popular because they are very suitable for limited space of your garden, and raised bed gardening greatly improves the productivity and decreases the labor. There are many ways in which you can create raised garden beds and start growing your plants. Wooden pallet, recycled plastic, corrugated steel sheet or any other raw material, all can be used to build your garden bed with ease. If you are looking for ideas of building raised garden bed, then don’t wait any more and check out below examples:

1. Cut 55 gallon juice drum in half lengthwise, then mount them into a wooden stand.


2. Parsley, strawberries, eggplants and tomatoes are all plants that would be perfect for these wooden pallets.

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3. Rustic and almost free, log raised bed is easy to build, and if you want to raise the height, just need to stack more logs above each other.

4. Use corrugated steel sheets to make raised beds.

5. Customize your garden box with as few or as many crates that best fits your space.



6. Make a spiral raised bed and grow herbs in it, you can also grow other plants and vegetables also.

7. Go for beauteous gabion raised garden beds.


8. Growing edibles in tires may be harmful, but you can grow other plants with them.

9. Build a raised garden bed using recycled concrete rubble.


10. Turn a dull corner of your garden into an attractive feature by setting a raised bed built from breeze blocks.


11. Bale of wheat or alfalfa straws can be used to build walls of raised beds.

12. Build these funnel shaped raised beds using pallets.



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