19 Must-See Practical Kitchen Island Designs With Seating


It goes without saying that kitchen is the heart of every family. We spent a lot of time in our kitchen.  Beside the practical storage space and beautiful decoration, a kitchen island with seating is must-haves in the kitchen. It can help you separate cooking and living space. More over, it also provides valuable space for your family or guests to sit, relax and enjoy a meal. So today we present you one collection of 19 Must-See Kitchen Island Designs With Seating. See them and find inspiration! [Continue reading… ]

23 Impressive Sunken Design Ideas For Your Garden and Yard


Sometimes for comfort and aesthetics, we often design a sunken space in our yard and garden. Of course, for the need of topography, for example, the yard or patio was built on a slope, a sunken space need to be created. No matter what, the sunken structure deftly avoids the shortcomings of the terrain but meanwhile, that bring the comfortable and artistic feeling to our yard or garden. This article we’ve gathered 23 sunken design ideas for you. You will be surprised to find that there actually are so many amazing ways that make your yard or garden with a sunken area. Have fun….. [Continue reading… ]

24 Dreamy Wall Library Design Ideas for All Bookworms


Books are our best friend that teach us so much but never desert us. The more books you read, the richer you are inside. So we need to read more and more books. Then the problems come along with it that so many books around us, we need more space to store them. For those who have a tiny home, book storage becomes a headache problem. Because they are difficult to find enough space to build an extra room where they can put and save their books. Luckily, you find us who are always thinking everything for you. Here we introduce some wall library design ideas for you to save your precious books. You just need a bookcase put near the wall or even in the wall. They can save much space for that it is bristling and won’t take up much of the floor space.  [Continue reading… ]

23 Money Saving Ways To Repurpose and Reuse Old Bookcases


There are many old stuff such as bookcase that no longer serves any purpose around the house. Always, our usual practice is throwing them away or leave unused in the yard. But if you’re creative enough, you can repurpose these old stuff and give them a second spring. So when you are having a raggedy old bookcase and looking for a repurposed idea, you can pick us. We have collected 23 bookcase repurposed ideas for you. They can make you find a beautiful home decoration by bringing new life to your old bookcase. Moreover, you don’t even have to break the bank. How wonderful! Come and see more! [Continue reading… ]

32 Amazing Floor Design ideas for Homes Indoor and Outdoor


Floor is an important part of your home that it carries all the items of your home and your family. The floor design ideas reflect the concept and quality of your life. And the design of floor is not casually. The design idea for your floor must depend entirely upon your personal taste and also the room interiors. So how to design a rugged and beautiful floor? Hardwood floor? Marble floor? or DIY pallet floor… Which one is suited for you? Here we have found several different types of floor design ideas, and if you are serious about searching for the best floor design ideas, you can come to us. [Continue reading… ]

19 Cozy Outdoor Hanging Beds to Help You Enjoy The Summer Nights


In summer, we always like to stay outdoors such as the yard or patio to deal with the hot weather. If you want to look for a comfortable and funny way and give your outdoor living a playful feel, why not try a hanging bed? You can hang a round bed from a big tree in your yard or garden that make it like a giant dream catcher made of a trampoline ring to sleep on. Also, you can make a teen hammock for your children. Na matter how and where, the hanging bed can provide all the relaxation of a tiring day, and even can help you really enjoy several hours of sleep. Get more ideas about hanging bed, please come to us. Here we have provided 19 amazing hanging bed or hammock ideas for your wonderful outdoor life. [Continue reading… ]

Top 22 Charming Home Decorating DIYs Can Make With Lace


If you are the fans of lace and have lots of laces left unused at your home, why not add them to your home decoration? This is an excellent concept. Lace can not only add beauty to your home, but also bring an elegant and vintage atmosphere. Moreover, it’s cheap and easy to get. You can pick them up at markets and second hand shops or even make it by yourself. Lace can act as a graphic motif on everything from window, table, curtains and bedspread to plate, rugs and ceiling. Here are a few ideas of how to add this beautiful decoration material into your home. I hope you find something inspiring! [Continue reading… ]

25 Easy and Cheap Pallet Storage Projects You Can Make Yourself


So many pallets are piled in the yard or threw away by you. Have you thought that it’s an utter waste? In fact, you can recycle them such as storage. Luckily, some creative ideas come up with by us help you to make best use out of such wasted piece of wood for storage. For example, you can make a bookshelf or shoe rack with the wooden pallets. Moreover, it doesn’t cost you a lot. Wake up? More amazing and better pallet storage ideas are as following. Enjoy and see more some amazing pallet creation here! [Continue reading… ]

26 Ideas To Decorate Outdoor with Bright Fabrics in The Summer Days


In the hot summer days, we all like to stay outdoors either the patio or the yard. But it’s never too easy to give our outdoor spaces a few fun and trendy updates. Sometimes we put some rocking chairs, tables or rugs in the yard. But it seems too flimsy that cannot give a feeling of cozy just as indoors. So why not try the bright fabrics? For example, the blue or green outdoor curtains, sunshades or canopy can bring a cooling atmosphere on hot. Want more ideas? Here we provide 26 such amazing bright fabrics examples for you to decorate your home’s outdoor to resemble the comfort and livability of an indoor space while enjoying the summer sun. [Continue reading… ]

27 Awesome Beach-Style Outdoor Living Ideas for Your Porch and Yard


Are you always missing the beach scenery enjoyed when you were on vacation last year or before? So why not build a beach-style outdoor living space in your porch and yard that will make you always feel like on vacation at the seaside? This is a great and exacting idea. You can bring your beach finds to your home’s outdoor. For example, such items as the buoys, blue porch floors, a sculptural piece of driftwood, and seashells all can be used to create nautical themed decor. Want more creative ideas? Come to us and enjoy the outdoors! [Continue reading… ]