Top 22 Charming Home Decorating DIYs Can Make With Lace


If you are the fans of lace and have lots of laces left unused at your home, why not add them to your home decoration? This is an excellent concept. Lace can not only add beauty to your home, but also bring an elegant and vintage atmosphere. Moreover, it’s cheap and easy to get. You can pick them up at markets and second hand shops or even make it by yourself. Lace can act as a graphic motif on everything from window, table, curtains and bedspread to plate, rugs and ceiling. Here are a few ideas of how to add this beautiful decoration material into your home. I hope you find something inspiring! [Continue reading… ]

25 Easy and Cheap Pallet Storage Projects You Can Make Yourself


So many pallets are piled in the yard or threw away by you. Have you thought that it’s an utter waste? In fact, you can recycle them such as storage. Luckily, some creative ideas come up with by us help you to make best use out of such wasted piece of wood for storage. For example, you can make a bookshelf or shoe rack with the wooden pallets. Moreover, it doesn’t cost you a lot. Wake up? More amazing and better pallet storage ideas are as following. Enjoy and see more some amazing pallet creation here! [Continue reading… ]

26 Ideas To Decorate Outdoor with Bright Fabrics in The Summer Days


In the hot summer days, we all like to stay outdoors either the patio or the yard. But it’s never too easy to give our outdoor spaces a few fun and trendy updates. Sometimes we put some rocking chairs, tables or rugs in the yard. But it seems too flimsy that cannot give a feeling of cozy just as indoors. So why not try the bright fabrics? For example, the blue or green outdoor curtains, sunshades or canopy can bring a cooling atmosphere on hot. Want more ideas? Here we provide 26 such amazing bright fabrics examples for you to decorate your home’s outdoor to resemble the comfort and livability of an indoor space while enjoying the summer sun. [Continue reading… ]

27 Awesome Beach-Style Outdoor Living Ideas for Your Porch and Yard


Are you always missing the beach scenery enjoyed when you were on vacation last year or before? So why not build a beach-style outdoor living space in your porch and yard that will make you always feel like on vacation at the seaside? This is a great and exacting idea. You can bring your beach finds to your home’s outdoor. For example, such items as the buoys, blue porch floors, a sculptural piece of driftwood, and seashells all can be used to create nautical themed decor. Want more creative ideas? Come to us and enjoy the outdoors! [Continue reading… ]

Top 16 Attractive Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Space With Mantel


Maybe you have never thought that mantel can also be a perfect outdoor decoration. That’ realizable. Look at the pictures we provided following. Are you regret that throw away the old mantel or let the mantel quietly stay in the corner when winter went? Better late than never. Now follow us and make your outdoor space full of classical atmosphere. It’s easy. You just need a theme and do some decorating makeover that your mantel can be made into a stunning and cohesive focal point in the yard or patio. Lack ideas and themes? That’s what we provide for you in the following. Come and enjoy them! And you are certain to turn your fireplace mantel into a wow-worthy focal point. [Continue reading… ]

19 Clever Places You Can Add Baskets for Loose Items Storage


Since baskets has the role of storage, they cannot only be used to hold vegetables. Baskets also can help store some other small items. For example, a basket hanging on the wall can be used for holding daily necessities. So you won’t be upset for not finding the items such as mirror, toilet paper, and scissors. What’s more, a basket hanging on the wall or put on the table won’t take up the floor space of your home. In fact, in our daily life, too many loose items that need to be contained. That’s what baskets are for! So that’s why we provide basket storage ideas for you. Some of them are earthy and some are sleek. But all of them are worth checking out.  [Continue reading… ]

22 Fascinating and Low Budget Ideas for Your Yard and Patio Privacy


Have you wished for a little more privacy even in our yard and patio? But the reality always makes you feel like you are living in a fishbowl. For example, your neighbor who stands in the second-story deck can have a nice view into your yard. Moreover, even if the relationship between you and your neighbors is very close, you just might want to feel a little less exposed when enjoying your own outdoor space. Luckily, there are so many wonderful ideas for your yard and patio privacy. For a simple example, build a privacy fence is one of the best way to avoid the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby. Want more? Take a look below ideas… [Continue reading… ]

30 DIY Driftwood Decoration Ideas Bring Natural Feel to Your Home


That bring natural feel to your home has always been a dream of you. DIY driftwood decorations can help you make it. It not only can give unique charm to your home, but also is easy on the budget. Because you don’t spend a lot of money buying the precious crafts from stores. You can use several pieces of driftwoods to create a word or some string on the wall that give your walls a natural simplicity feel, you can also make an adorable boat craft by using a piece of driftwood and fabric….. More and more amazing driftwood decoration ideas here we presented for you to bring natural elements into your home décor.  [Continue reading… ]

19 Lovely Summer Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Will Amaze Your Guests


Summer is always a perfect season for weddings. Of course, the blue skies, white clouds, colorful flowers and the fresh grass scents are the reasons why summer can witness so many weddings. But that’s not enough. To make the summer wedding more amazed for your guests, you also need some lovely wedding centerpieces, such as the branches with hanging mason jars with lights and dainty crystals that is shown in the pictures. So come to us to find the ideas that will amaze your guests. Here we provide the ideas that range from fun and casual to elegant and chic and whether it is luxurious or just DIY. Have fun…… [Continue reading… ]

26 DIY Water Features Will Bring Tranquility and Relaxation to Any Home


Love tranquility and relaxation? Water features can make it because they are not only beautiful but also calming and peaceful. Whether indoors or outdoors, water features such as a DIY water fall or a fountain, they all can provide a fresh, comfortable, and natural element to the environment of your home that will add a peaceful and happy feeling. What’s more, it is not difficult to make beautiful water features. For example, you can reuse some old items in your home, such as that an old watering can can be made as the sources of water falls. If you are thinking about creating a water feature by yourself. You can find helps from us. Continue reading for more Tutorials. [Continue reading… ]