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35 Impressive Backyard Ponds and Water Gardens


A small water garden or pond has been a home landscaping trend for the past several years. Backyard landscaping ideas that include small ponds can be the great inspirations for your own garden designs. Small ponds add charm and beauty to new garden designs and make old backyard redesign, decorating and home staging very attractive. Water features in a garden can be as simple as a small bubbling fountain to elaborate ponds, pumps and water falls. Today we have collected a fun tour of ideas for backyard ponds and water gardens.  Share!
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Tiny HemLoft Treehouse


Joel Allen had build this tiny HemLoft treehouse dwelling in the woods of Whistler. Shaped like an egg, the tree house has plenty of room to spend a few nights under the stars, enjoying everything the great outdoors has to offer.
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25 Amazing Kids Rooms to Get you Inspired


Children are stimulated by their environment; boost your child’s imagination by using these kids’ room ideas to boost their creativity. Some of these custom room designs wouldn’t be costly, it’d just take a lot of time and dedication to make them just right.
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Old Window Turned Family Photos Frame


I had a bunch of old family photographs that I wanted to display in my home. I first thought about collecting old brass frames and creating a collage.  But then another idea struck: Old windows to display family photos.
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A Woman Bypasses Mortgage Payments Builds a Tiny House


Idaho-based architect Macy Miller had a big dream about a tiny house. She didn’t want the burdensome cost of mortgage payments and decided to construct her own compact home. Only cost about $11,000, the house was built on top of a flatbed trailer with the use of sustainable materials.
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23 Genius Food Hacks Will Change Your Cooking Way


When it comes to food hacks, you probably think you’ve seen them all. Here are 23 genius food hacks we found that will change the way you cook in the kitchen and will make eating so much better.
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30 Inspiring Small Balcony Garden Ideas


I’m excited to create an outdoor oasis on our balcony. After busy working day we can always relax at our balcony garden. Make a small garden to the patio or balcony can be done very easily, even can work in the smallest space. So whether you have a balcony, small patio or even a mini backyard, I hope you too can find inspiration in these photos. Enjoy!
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Concrete Cobblestone Path for Your Backyard


Spring means time to pay attention to the yard. It’s a good weather so a lot of people enjoy spending time outdoors. You can not only relax there but also make your outdoor space more cool. For example you can make a nice cobble stone path that will connect something near by to your house. The Cobblestone Template will help you create an impressive path that mimics a natural stone decor. Actually, you just have to pour concrete into the template, level it, remove and reuse it for another set of cobblestone.
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15 Amazing Door Stickers For a Garage Makeover


Do you want to make your garage unique and stand out from the crowd? Below you have 15 amazing ideas which will leave your neighbors stunned next time they pass the alley in the vicinity of your house. Take a look at these creative 3D garage doors stickers from German company StyleYourGarage.
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27 Easy and Cheap Hanging Mason Jar Projects


Have you seen these lovely hanging Mason Jars for flowers or for tea lights? Well they are so pretty and such a great, inexpensive option to jazz up your outdoor space. Also hanging mason jars are very popular when it comes to wedding decorations. Now let’s take a look at some amazing DIY projects with hanging Mason Jars.
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