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Comfy Tire Tube Seating


I have never thought that an old tire inner tube can be so beautiful living room furniture. Usually, they are used by children on the beach and river to float. But when coated with the colored fabrics, they will be turned into a comfy and pop seating.
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Cute Cement Candle Holders


Candleholders are a popular decorative item for a home. I love these cute handmade cement candleholders. They are attractive for any area of the interior or exterior. Without costing you a pretty penny, they are thrifty and great for any skill level of crafter. You can even customize it by adding some pebble to accentuate it. Cute!
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DIY Natural Room Scent Centerpieces


Today I have found this incredible DIY tutorial that will help you create your own natural scent for the room. It only takes a few mason jars, some natural items(like cinnamon, lemon, pine needles and oranges…) and in no time, you will have a natural room scent centerpiece. Yum!
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Top 30 Fascinating Fall Decorations for Your Home


Fall has arrived and it is a great time to create some fascinating FALL decorations to surprise your family and friends. We have gathered together 30 ideas for fall decorations without costing you a pretty penny. Most of these projects are so simple and easy to make, you only need those items that can easily get in this season and some usual tools. Find some pumpkins, fallen leaves, twigs, nuts, dried flowers, some kinds of fruit, and candles, vases, then wake up your creativity…
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Hanging Mason Jar Light


The mason jars are one of the most used supplies in some craft projects. You can get the mason jars easily, and transform them into elegant home decorations. Here is a great example on how to make wall mounted mason jar lights. They are really fun and creative way to light up your interior or exterior.
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Decoupage A Candle With Dried Flowers


This fun and creative DIY idea lets you learn how to transform those dull plain white candles with some super exciting patterns. They would be cute table centerpiece decorations. All you need to make these wonderful flower decoupage candles are some wax candles and dried flowers or foliage. Ttcrafts has a great picture tutorial so you can make your own.
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Concrete Large Leaf Birdbath


If you’re still looking for a handmade bird bath to decorate your garden and yard, then we recommend this project. This natural looking bird bath will create a stunning watering place for the birds in your yard. It’s easy to make, works with any large leaf. Find out more details at garden gate magazine.
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Fire Glass FirePit Idea


Fire pit, a cute addition to your garden, gives you that great outdoors feeling in the comfort. We have been presenting you “38 Easy and Fun DIY Fire Pit Ideas” and this time we will present you something more creative. They are fire glass firepits. I appreciate their modern design comes with colorful fire glass pebbles and floating flames. Cool!
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Paper Orb Light From Cupcake Liners


Here is a wonderful DIY project for repurposing paper cupcake liners. Heather Jennings made this amazing paper orb chandelier that looks like a beautiful paper sculpture. It is an easy weekend project. You can make this beautiful orb light yourself, and all you need is a paper lantern, a hemma cord from IKEA, a hot glue gun, and a few packs of cupcake liners. The result is magic, but my only concern is the potential fire risk of the paper.
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House Dangles on the Edge of a Cliff


Called Cliff House, this five-story vacation home is a really crazy concept. The house is anchored to the cliff’s edge by engineered steel pins, rather than sitting upon it. If you want to own a house like this, you should beat your fear of heights first.
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