19 Affordable Decorating Ideas to Bring Spa Style to Your Small Bathroom


Bathroom is really a very important part in our home and a well-designed bathroom can more make us relax after a tiring day. Whenever you walk into a commercial spa, you must be attracted by its soothing atmosphere, low lighting and pastel, neutral or cool colors. At that moment, you feel calm and all the stresses immediately peeled away. And at that moment, you must have such an idea that replicate it in your own small bathroom. Of course, there is no need to decorate as luxurious as a spa. But we can learn from it to design a spa-like bathroom. For example, choose a color palette that can make us calm, soothing and relaxing. Here are more ideas on how to design a spa-like bathroom that can make your bathroom retreat your favorite place. Come and enjoy! [Continue reading… ]

24 Practical DIY Storage Solutions for Your Garden and Yard


Not only the interior space need to arrange and decorate, but the home’s outdoor space also need to be well decorated although it has more space. So with so more and more items, storage becomes more valuable. Here we provide some wonderful DIY outdoor storage ideas for you to well arrange your yard or garden. With our ideas, you will find that storage is so easy a project. For example, you may feel helpless about the toys everywhere threw by your children. Then why not you store them in some galvanized buckets or make a pallet wood storehouse for them? More and more ideas for storage are waiting for you to make your outdoor space tidy and attractive. Have fun… [Continue reading… ]

20 Magical DIY Bed Canopy Ideas Will Make You Sleep Romantic


How to have a cozy, romantic and “luxury” bedroom? Some of us may focus on making the bed comfortable with thick mattresses and beautiful bedding but neglect the bed canopy. In fact, bed canopy is also one of the elements that gives your bedroom an amazing feeling. It can bring romantic, glamorous, and perhaps a bit showy feeling to your bedroom. Buying a bed canopy may relate to the problems of size, color and budget and have the risk of matching. So we can make it by ourselves. In this article we provide some magical DIY canopy bed ideas for creating a more comfortable and luxury bedroom for you.  Enjoy! [Continue reading… ]

22 Brilliant Kitchen Window Bar Designs You Would Love To Own


If you have a window that opens to the deck or patio, why not you turn it into your own private bar? With it, you not only saved money and time spent on bars outside, but also can entertain friends and visitors. How pleasant a project! Maybe it isn’t so luxury and delicate as the regular bar, but it has an incomparable taste that can’t be compared. The design is also simple. You just need a window that can open to outside. A window of kitchen is the best, because it’s easy to pass drinks and snacks right from it. Of course, a window of the living room or even the bedroom is also feasible. The next thing is to put some benches, bar stools or swivel chair below the window. Here we’ve gathered 22 amazing examples for kitchen window bar to inspire you create an unique bar in your home. [Continue reading… ]

26 Awesome Outside Seating Ideas You Can Make with Recycled Items


Summer is here! We will spend more time outside, such as reading newspaper in the balcony or entertaining in the yard. Anyway, we need to have a most comfortable seating. Several types of seating items such as soft sofa, exquisite bench and swinging chairs are comfortable enough, but they may need a big budget. So why not recycle some old items and make a seating by yourself. For example, pallets can be recycled to make fine and beautiful pieces of chairs, sofas, benches and other stylish and attractive outside seating. That’s very easy!   Here we have 26 ideas of creative seating for your outdoor space! Enjoy! [Continue reading… ]

23 Recycled Pallet Wall Art Ideas for Enhancing Your Interior


An artistic wall can add a unique style to your room. So you should have distinctive stylish and attractive pieces of decoration to hang on walls. Pallet art project is a perfect choice. Am I kidding? Not at all. You just need recycle the pallets and use your imagination, and they can bring rustic look to your walls and enhance its beauty and grace. Maybe you only lack the inspiration and ideas. So here we’ve collected 23 Recycled Pallet Wall Art Ideas that will help you get inspired. Enjoy and make your interior artistic and fanciful! [Continue reading… ]

Top 20 Brilliant DIY Backyard Projects and Tips for Your Pets


Pets bring too much fun to our life and have become a very important member of our family. So you should be kind to your pets but not just let them alone in the yard or the corner indoors when you don’t need them. They should have a small world of their own, such as a house, a playground or a sunbathing place. That’s not simple. You should also have some brilliant ideas or projects to keep pets safe and comfortable outdoors. Then here we provide you with 20 brilliant DIY backyard projects and tips for your pets. Let your pets also have a wonderful life.  [Continue reading… ]

28 Adorable DIY Hanging Planter Ideas To Beautify Your Home


Do you admire the Hanging gardens of Babylon which is the one of the seven wonders of the ancient world? Maybe we cannot replicate the grandeur of those hanging gardens, but we can design a unique hanging planter by ourselves. Yes, this is an exciting DIY project for this summer. Hanging planters are so easy to make and also very cheap. You don’t need to buy a beautiful basket from a store, some materials that you have at home or you don’t use it anymore are the best pickings. For example, the obsolete birdcage or old bottles can be simply made as a planter. Moreover, these hanging planters made out of old bottles or birdcage with flowers in it can make your garden or room more beautiful than ever. What’s more, hanging planter can save space for your room when bring beauty. Here are 28 lovely DIY Hanging Planter ideas that can help you to start with the hanging planter project. Have fun… [Continue reading… ]

21 Fairy Tale Inspired Decorating Ideas for Child’s Bedroom


When you were a child, have you ever dreamt of having your very own special bedroom: it might be fairy tale lands. In this way, you could climb an in-house tree, pretending to be a man enjoying the grand space, the beautiful nights with breeze around etc. Growing up, you became a parent and realized that your children could have the coolest bedrooms and importantly you want to provide them with a wonderful living space, where they can thrive, learn and play. Here are 21 awesome fairy tale inspired bedroom design ideas and you just need some time and dedication to make them right.  [Continue reading… ]

36 Amazing Ideas Adding River Rocks To Your Home Design


River rocks are only lying in the river to be washed, and they can also increase the gorgeous colors for your life. That’s true. River rocks are beautiful natural accents and great natural building and decorating materials that can add to your home design ideas regardless indoors, patio or your backyard. With natural colors and round shape, river rocks can make your outdoor designs look spectacular, stylish and exclusive. For the indoor design, for example, adding river rocks to your bathroom can create a spa-like atmosphere. What’s more, river rocks are durable, so they require little or no maintenance. And they are easy to get that you can gather them from a river or creek. Here we’ve collected 36 amazing ideas adding river rocks to your home designs. Enjoy! [Continue reading… ]