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DIY Dresser Drawers Into Shelves


A couple months ago, we had a successful article “Top 30 brilliant DIY bathroom storage ideas“; there was full of crafty storage solutions we choose from some wonderful blog posts. Today, I just came across an excellent storage idea that I know you’ll love, and I can bet that you will reconsider your position on shelves. DIY dresser drawers into shelves, great idea, especially with the paper added to bottom of drawer.  Images via  1  2
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Cute DIY Rainbow Bubble Quilt


If you’ve got a little one on the way, take a look at this adorable rainbow bubble quilt that would be a great baby gift. When I first saw this rainbow puff blanket or bubble quilt, I  wish I could lie on it and try if it is actually that soft. Love it, and I think it is not only for little baby, you could try to make this for an adult bed.
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DIY Lace Painted Dresser


This can be a great DIY way to make your unsightly old dresser shine and different than it was before. The idea is simple and easy, using lace and spray paint to do a stunning makeover for your dresser.
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32 Modern Interiors With Floor To Ceiling Windows


Not a new interior trend, floor-to-ceiling windows have been used in many home design. Floor to ceiling windows allow the maximum level natural light to enter your home, and also allow for stunning views to be admired from inside the house. Check out these 32 example of floor-to-ceiling window use in modern residences, they will help you get inspiration on how to obtain a stunning interior décor.
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A Hidden Pantry for Next To Refrigerator


No enough space in your kitchen? And there always seems to be wasted space next to the fridge, but no idea how to take advantage of the dead space? A blogger came up with a pretty cool idea that will help you get an extra hidden pantry next to your fridge.
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DIY Hanging Succulent Sphere Anyone Can Make


It will be a focal point in your garden or backyard. It has an unique shape, yes, a three dimensional sphere of succulents. Succulents are a awesome way to add excitement to your home garden. Here is a detailed guide to making your own eye-catching succulent sphere.
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Inside of The Kitchen Cabinet Doors Can be Extra Storage


After I’ve presented you the “37 DIY Hacks and Ideas To Improve Your Kitchen“, today we have found another clever idea for kitchen organization. Not all of us have extra space for storage all the kitchen stuff, especially a small kitchen. These ideas from Sas Interiors let me say “Wow”, I must admit that I have never thought about using the doors of kitchen cabinets for storage. I envy her for the creative and imaginative ideas.
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15 Amazing Resort Residences That Will Blow Your Mind


Summer is a great time for travel. A couple of days ago, I shared “22 Stunning Hotels In The World You’ll Want To Stay Forever“. Resort hotels are very popular in here, and I love to feed your appetite for holiday inspiration. Here is a list with the resort residences; their unique and impressive exterior and interior made them stunning building created to blow your mind.
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Top 25 Cool DIY Ways To Upcycle Old Denims


If you love DIY, you should know how it is awesome to recycle old things; they are even more valuable when we reuse them.  If you are looking for some ideas on how to reuse those old well-loved, worn out jeans that keep stacking up in your recycling,  this post is the right choice for you. From unique home decor items to stylish accessories, old denims can be transformed into a variety of interesting projects. Enjoy!
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21 Brilliant DIY Ways of Reusing Old Bike Wheels


Old bike wheels can be given new life; here you will find 21 awesome diy crafts from repurposed bike rims. For example: if you have two old bike wheels, twine, an upright post, you will get a bike rim trellis for your plants; and you can also re-use old bike rims to make pot racks. My favorite creation is the picture frame out of bike wheels for wall decor. Get inspired!
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