Lovely Concrete Hand Planters


Concrete hand planters are a really fun and easy DIY weekend project for your garden. They even can be a lovely centerpiece decoration. Interesting! Bluefoxfarm has a simple picture tutorial so you can make your own.
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36 Exciting Ideas To Decorate Kids Rooms with Colored Chalkboard Paint


Kids are all full of fun and imagination, and their rooms should be too. There are a lot of cool decorating ideas for kids rooms. Decorate your kid’s room with chalkboard paint is one of the most awesome ways, and your kids will absolutely love. They’ll be having tons of fun, painting and then drawing, in no time! Chalkboard paint doesn’t have to be black. There are many great colored chalkboard paints to coordinate with your decor! Pink, green, black, purple…what’s your kid’s favorite color?
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38 Clever Ways To Repurpose Old Kitchen Stuff


We all have a lot of old kitchen stuff that are too old to be used. But you don’t really need to get rid of all of them, there are some great examples how you can use it again. These 38 clever ideas will have you seeing old kitchen items in a entirely new light. Look at them and let the imagination begin to work!
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Swinging Benches Around a Fire Pit


This is a great DIY campfire idea that has swinging benches all around it. It combines my two favorite activities: swinging and relaxing with friends near the campfire, at the same time, it lets us to stay warm on a cold night. A gentleman that goes by the name of Chenango Dave on bowhunters provides a basic tutorial, but before starting this project, you should have a bit of experience in DIY projects and also have a good use of different kinds of tools.
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19 Easy and Spooky DIY Lights for Halloween Night


I love Halloween, and making Halloween decorations is something I try to do every year. You don’t need to break the bank for Halloween party decor, just with a little DIY ingenuity, it is easy to put together a truly spooky setting on a budget. These easy and spooky DIY lights look absolutely awesome in the dark and sure to spice up your Halloween night.
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22 Modern and Stylish Glass Kitchen Countertop Ideas


Modern and stylish glass countertops is a brilliant way to improve the look of your kitchen. They are eye-catching and remarkably beautiful, and sure to make your kitchen more modern and unique. They also allow to add gorgeous decoration patterns and colorful lighting to kitchen design, so beautiful!
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Rustic Tree Wood Cabin In Alps


For many people, have  a tree house remained just a wish, but for a handful of people, that is the present. This amazing treehouse you see in the pictures is an actual livable home in the French Alps. The inside of the tree home is cozy and roomy, although its exterior is rustic. Check out more photos, you will find a well-equipped kitchen, a large bed and an open balcony.
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Top 41 Inspiring Halloween Porch Décor Ideas


It is already October. Once again, it is time for start to preparing for the Halloween party. I think a priority has to be the front porch decorating. So we’ve gathered some fun ideas for Halloween porch decor in lots of different styles. Whichever style you prefer, you’ll find delightful inspiration from these great decorated Halloween porches. Happy Halloween!
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21 Lovely and Eye-Catching Watercolor Walls


A watercolor wall is a quick and cheap way to give a room an entirely different feel, without having to overhaul your home decor. You don’t need to be artistic, or even particularly creative,  just choose your favorite colors and turn on your creativity. The color options are endless, and even typical, “boring” colors are eye-catching. Amazing! Take a look at these 21 cool watercolors walls and get ready for some bold inspiration.
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22 Handmade Ideas For Spooky Halloween Wreaths


Halloween is one of the most interesting holidays in the year. Okay, I may be a little excited here. It is my favorite holiday to decorate for. This spooky collection is for those who live in apartments, yet want to be a part of that Halloween decoration frenzy. You just do one thing, dress your front door for Halloween with one of these spooky DIY wreaths. But be careful not to scare off your guests completely. Have fun!
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