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Clay Pot Lighthouse For Garden Decor


For those of you interested in a nautical themed home decor, we have a successful article “36 Breezy Beach Inspired DIY Home Decorating Ideas” you could get inspired. Here is a wonderfully easy DIY project will bring a nautical atmosphere to your garden. Made from clay pots over various sizes, this amazing lighthouse is easy to assemble. Instead of adding an LED lantern on top of it, a bird feeder is also a great choice.
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Fantastic DIY Button Tree Wall Decor


Buttons also can be turned into a piece of wonderful wall artwork. This fantastic buttons tree is inexpensive, creative and super easy to create, and does not require you to be an artist. Love it and it is just too cute not to share with you guys!
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Frozen Ice Candles to Light Up Your Garden


These ice lanterns are a super cool and easy project that is perfect for garden decor on a cold night. This winter, I will try to make these adorable ice candles, and use them to light up my garden pathway. Oh My! Creative have a very detailed tutorial on this project, have fun!  Image source
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Transform Milk Crates Into Cute Seats


Many recycled stuffs can be turned into cute and practical furniture. Today I ran across DIY milk crate seats and I am inspired and happy to present you. This weekend DIY project is easy to make, thanks to the milk crate itself is already in the perfect shape for seating. I think these milk crate seats with cute cushion would be great for the kids room. Love it!
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Transfer Pictures onto Wood with Wax Paper


This would be my next home decor project. I’ve never thought that printing on wood can be so easy. You don’t need many material to do this project; all you need is an inkjet printer and some wax paper. Now follow the instructions on Theartofdoingstuff, learning how to transfer your favorite pictures directly onto wood. Sweet.
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Square Fire Pit You Can Build Yourself


Set up a patio fire pit is a super cool way to make your home cozy and inviting. Owner Builder Network has a great tutorial on how to build a square fire pit to upgrade your patio. Build one like this and your home will have a perfect entertaining area.

Easy DIY Lace Window Treatment


This is the easiest and cheapest DIY window treatment I have ever saw before. Found on Annabel Vita’s blog, she used cornflower and lace to transform a boring window into a lovely decorative one, at the same time protecting the privacy. Really pretty, I’m going to try it…
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One Mother Turns Kids Wall Doodles into Work of Art


No idea how to deal with your kid’s wall doodles? One mother came up with a creative idea using paint to fix the wall doodles. She turned her child’s destructive wall doodle into a beautiful piece of art.
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Amazing Glowing Wood Shelves


These DIY glowing wood shelves will transform your home decor, giving it a mysterious air. I must admit these homemade shelves are super cool. According to Mat Brown’s blog, they’re actually not that difficult to make. To start your work, you will need a piece of chestnut wood with some cracks and holes, then mix the resin with some glow-in-the-dark powder.
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Decorate Your Windows with a Crochet Valance


A crochet project can be a stunning home decoration. If you love crocheting, you should take a look at this craft and use your crocheting skills to adorn your windows. All you need for this DIY flower valance is some colored thread, then you can start crocheting. Continue for the Tutorial.
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