Creative Firewood Storage Can Become a Focal Point in Interior


The Weather is getting cold, if you have a wood burning fireplace, it is time to make use of it and keep your home warm and cozy. In addition to bring you warmth, a fireplace is becoming quite popular as one of home decorating factors. The fireplace can be a focal point in your interior design. But what we are going to talk about today is not fireplace itself; it’s the surrounded accessories and the décor.

Specifically we are referring the firewood storage. Although storing firewood in a creative and space-saving way is welcome, maintaining your home in a decorative appeal could be challenge. But in return, it’s a great opportunity to show off your talent and enhance your modern interior by stylish storage solutions, and warm your home this winter. If you have lack of inspiration, get ideas from here! [Continue reading… ]

Crafts and Games Your Kids Would Love On the Cold Winter Days


When winter comes, it seems that everything becomes monotonous and dull. The weather is too frightful to play outside and the leaves all fell off. Especially on a snow day, your kids always find that the usual games they played cannot continue in the snow. As an omnipotent parent, how can you make your kids keep busy to play in the cold winter or snow days rather than constantly shouting “bored” to you? Look at the crafts and games we provided that may help you solve the above puzzles for you. Whether outdoors or indoors, these fun, creative, simple crafts and games we offered will keep your kids busy and happy during a snow day. Still doubtful? Why not have a try? [Continue reading… ]

Top 20 Lovely DIY Napkin Ring Ideas For Thanksgiving Table


The dining table is one of the most important parts of Thanksgiving decor. From the delicious food to the wonderful centerpieces, a beautiful dining table will leave a good impression on your guests. So if you are going to host the Thanksgiving dinner party this year, you would better have a beautiful holiday table décor to welcome your family and the closest friends. You must want to do a lot of work to make your Thanksgiving dinner much better, but it seems you never have enough time. If you are experiencing such moment and want to accomplish the ideal décor, we recommend you grab a decorative detail, which is napkin rings. Napkin rings are simple and interesting but surely will give your Thanksgiving table a unique view. They are accessible DIY projects without exerting much time or effort. With the time being saved, you can put more energy to perfect your meal preparation! [Continue reading… ]

Inspiring and Cool Display Shelf Ideas To Spruce Up The Walls


Are you tired of looking at your blank and bare walls? If yes then make some changes to give them a whole new look. Most of the time, you’ll think of these wall decorations, such as framed family photos or a fine piece of artwork. But if you want to give a surprise to your family, you need to try something different. Display shelves are very good choices. Because not only can they add beautiful and fashionable style to your walls, but also can meet your needs for space organization. You can display your favorite pictures, collectibles, books, or other decorations according to your décor style, and meanwhile, display shelves are also the perfect storage solutions. Are you ready to update your wall space? Let’s start from these interesting and personality space-fillers! [Continue reading… ]

35 Beautiful DIY Decorating Ideas You Could Do With Burlap


Burlap is a very popular material in home decor. Decorating with it is a wonderful way to add a bit of rustic to your modern home. Even if you’re not a big fan of rustic style, burlap’s natural color and shabby chic aesthetic still will touch your heart and make you want to bring it to home. Also its rustic feature is quite a match to holiday decor. With the approaching of holiday season, you’ll see fresh and versatile possibilities to use burlap for amazing decorations. If you have not yet determined, please take a look at the examples here and then grab some burlap to begin your decorating projects. They will make your holiday home stand out! [Continue reading… ]

Turkey-Inspired Decorations and Crafts For Thanksgiving Home


Thanksgiving is around the corner, so it is time to look for some creative ways to make your turkey day different. Especially, when you’re going to host a special Thanksgiving dinner, you need to make a lot of effort on holiday home décor, and the arrangement of dining table. But you don’t have to spend large sums of money on decorations for this happy holiday, because you can start with the details; a little creativity can bring amazing effect that will be sure to capture your guest’s eyes. How about turkey-inspired decorations, crafts or food? Turkey is a very lovely symbol of thanksgiving. So bring it into the holiday décor should be interesting. Lovely turkey wreath, turkey placecard and napkin ring, and even delicious turkey-inspired fruits centerpieces… I believe these fun works would wake up your creativities. Come and see, you can do them by yourself. [Continue reading… ]

28 Most Fun Hand and Footprint Art Ideas for Home Decor


If you want a piece of art to express the love between your families, or want to make a precious keepsake for your little kiddos, or even want a unique holiday ornament or gift, then there is no better than the hand and footprint art project. It can be a pretty cool wall art, hanging on the wall of entryway and living room, and will amaze your guests. There are other hand or footprint art projects, such as stepping stones, canvas art and clay impressions that are also interesting home decorations, making your home look different. Your kids will certainly enjoy crafts made from hands and feet, and they will proudly want to display their work which doubles as amazing room decorations or gifts. [Continue reading… ]

Anywhere In The Home You Can Put a Bookshelf


For a bookworm, bookshelf is an essential element for interior design. Besides study room, living room or family room, bookshelf can be anywhere in the home to help you easily finding the intended books. From my point of view, a bookshelf is not just be storing purpose, but also can add a nice decor to the room if the placement is proper. At the same time, it will improve the relaxing moments you experience in those rooms. For a simple example, a bookshelf set in kitchen island allows you enjoy reading while cooking. There are so many other cases, come to enjoy our pictures tour! Have fun! [Continue reading… ]

42 Last-Minute Cheap DIY Halloween Decorations You Can Easily Make


Halloween month is here. It is an exciting moment when you can create a lot of interesting and super scary decorations for inside and outside of the home. When you walk on the street, you will be surprised by those spookily decorated houses that strongly reflect the creativity of owners and bring the perfect ambience for this “horrible” holiday. If you want to invite your friends to your Halloween party, you need to have a well-decorated home that should be in holiday spirit. Whether indoor or outdoor, every place needs different Halloween decorations to make it special.

[Continue reading… ]

Smart Ways To Reuse and Repurpose Galvanized Tub & Buckets


Are all the old galvanized tubs or buckets in your home threw out by you? Maybe you need to be calm. These old guys are not useless at all. In fact, they can be re-purposed and have their second spring. Reusing and re-purposing old stuff can add some fun to your life and it is environmentally friendly. For example, with some changes, an old galvanized bucket or tub can become a fresh and creative garden planter. And a pendant light made from galvanized buckets would become a focal point of your home. Want more ways for reusing galvanized buckets? Take a look at below examples.  [Continue reading… ]