17 Genius Ideas to Reuse Leftover Holiday Wrapping Paper

After the big gift giving day, most of people don’t know what to do with leftover Christmas wrapping paper. Besides of throwing away all that pretty wrapping paper or chucking them into the closet, you have other options. There are a lot of craft bloggers have come up with some super creative ideas to help you put all that leftover wrapping paper back to work. From making party confetti, to storage unit, gift tag and cool home decor, you will find a few fun things to make instead of throwing your wrapping paper away.

1. This handmade wrapping paper hat is more than perfect for upcoming new year party.

Get Tutorial here ====> brit.co

2. Prepare your own confetti for next New Year’s Eve party.

Or use as packing material:

Get Tutorial here ====> onegoodthingbyjillee.com

3. Line your plain drawers, shelves and cabinets to keep them feeling fresh and upgraded.

Above Image Tutorial: jewelsathome.com    Center Image Tutorial: iheartorganizing.blogspot.com    Bottom Image Tutorial: inmyownstyle.com

4. This bunting decoration is perfect for any festive occasion, birthdays, baby showers…or upcoming new year’s eve party.

Get Tutorial here ====> centsationalgirl.com

5. The holidays are over, but it doesn’t mean your home does not need more cute decorations.

Get Tutorial here ====> offbeatandinspired.com

6. Make accented tags. You can use it when you prepare for upcoming birthdays or weddings gift.

Source: brit.co

7. Gather some fresh bouquets with leftover wrapping paper.

Get Tutorial here ====> brewedtogether.com

8. Not just for gifts anymore, it can be used to line a serving tray.

Get Tutorial here ====> thoughtfullysimple.com

9. Transform an old shoe box into a stylish storage unit.

Get Tutorial here ====> sincerelysarad.com

10. If you want to dress up a dinner party, these napkin rings are perfect.

Source: brit.co

11. Decorate your wall with a cluster of these supersized rosettes.

Get Tutorial here ====> lauraashley.com

12. Covering the top of the table with wrapping paper, to give it a stylish revamp.

Get Tutorial here ====> refunkmyjunk.com

13. You can use these bows for next Christmas or other occasions.

Get Tutorial and Template here ====> liagriffith.com

14. Need a magazine holder? Just repurpose old cereal boxes by adding some fun wrapping paper.

Get Tutorial here ====> thesitsgirls.com

15. These gold and silver paper star medallions would be great last minute New Year’s Eve decoration.

Get Tutorial here ====> elli.com

16. Made ribbons out of just one strip of leftover wrapping paper.

Get Tutorial here ====> twoyellowbirdsdecor.blogspot.com

17. Transform leftover Christmas wrapping paper scraps into a cute mobile for a baby nursery.

Source: alisaburke.blogspot.com.br


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