DIY Floating Vanity Ideas for Bathroom

Floating vanity for bathroom gives you aesthetic-wise and functionality. These bathroom vanity ideas, often made of wood that add elegance to your modern homes. The floating style will suit even in narrow spaces of your bathrooms. And, if you’re a fan of new woody interior designs for bathrooms you should look for these new bathroom ideas. Try to look at the mid-sized wall mounted wall cabinet with new functionality and style that is perfect for storing fresh towels and toiletries.

Now, if you are a person who loves DIY wood crafts you can imitate the style of the wall-mounted floating bathroom vanity sink set. This will add a cool, modern vibe to your bathroom set design. A bathroom with a floating vanity can add class to your homes. With your imagination and art in your bathroom, you can be sure to make your house extra impressive.

1. DIY Walnut Floating Shelf Sink Vanity | Tutorial:

2. Floating Vanity With Lots of Storage Space Under It | Tutorial:

3. Modern Floating Vanity Has Storage Drawers | Tutorial:

4. DIY Plywood Floating Vanity For Narrow Bathroom Space | Tutorial:

5. A Dark Stained Floating Shelf Turned into a Floating Vanity | Tutorial:

6. Repurpose The Reclaimed Wood and Make It A Floating Vanity | Tutorial:

7. Stylish and Ultra-modern Wood Floating Vanity

8. Build a Floating Wood Vanity using an IKEA Hagaviken Sink | Tutorial:


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