10 Unique DIY Outdoor Clothesline Ideas

For those of you who live in a country house, an outdoor clothesline mustn’t be strange to you. Instead of using an electric clothes dryer, it has several benefits when you build a clothesline and let the sun dry your laundry. First, drying clothes on a clothesline helps save money and save the environment. Next, there are the aesthetic advantages. A well-designed clothesline is both functional and decorative. So here we’re bringing you a bunch of clothesline ideas to inspire you.

1. Discover the Charm of a Wooden Trellis Clothesline: A Classic Option with Lattice Pattern, Ideal for Concealing Your Yard’s Clothesline and Facilitating Quick Air-drying of Laundry.

Via: thehomesteadsurvival.com

2. Create two sturdy trellises and run your clothesline between them. This can make you take care of your garden plants while you’re drying clothes:

3. If your outdoor deck has enough height, then you should put that space to work for you – building a clothesline is a good option:

3. If you’re still looking for ideas to refresh your boring clothesline in backyard, all you need to do is paint your posts in white color and then add decorative corbels to them:

4. If you only have a small backyard, then this versatile set-up will be your best choice. It allows you enjoy relaxing time on this hammock with a canopy, and also provides a clever way to dry your clothes:

5. This set up won’t take you much space. With the help of two wooden arms and three pipe supports, you can easily build this clothesline attached to a section of your backyard fence:

6. This clothesline post has a bench that will be a good spot to sit your basket when hanging clothes:

How to build this Clothesline.

7. The pulley clothesline was definitely easy to use because it brought the clothes right to you. And with some simple materials, you can built one by yourself:

Tutorial: practicallyfunctional.com

8. Upgrade this very traditional style of clothesline in your yard by adding a pair of hanging flower baskets:

Image via: littlemissourihomestead.wordpress.com

9. Install and hide a clothesline between two wooden brackets outside of the kitchen window:

Image via: homesteadrevival.blogspot.com

10. Shaped like cactuses, this unique and modern clothesline is both functional and artistic, and will make your home’s outdoor more striking: