23 Creative & Cool Upcycled Crafts with Old Books

You can blend books and crafts to show your creativity. Most people have old books in their homes that do not hold any value in the future. Some of these books may have some sentimental value attached. So you may not want to get rid of them. These 23 practical and innovative upcycled crafts with old books will teach you how to utilize those sentimental keepsakes creatively.

Learn how to use old books to make charming decor crafts. If you follow these simple and inspiring upcycled crafts with old books ideas, you can make decor crafts of exceptional appeal. These crafts will keep your sweet memories for a long time. If you don’t have some books at home with attractive covers, you can find them at thrift stores.

1. Awesome Bookmarks from Old Books

Make stylish bookmarks using old books


2. Birch Bark Painted Decorative Books

This idea from Sustain My Craft Blog shows you how to make birch bark-painted decorative books.


4. Book Page Roses

This Grillo Design idea teaches you how to make book Page roses.


5. Book Succulent Planter

Make a succulent planter easily and affordably using old books.


6. Deconstructed Books with Stamped Words

It is one of the best-upcycled crafts with old books ideas to create deconstructed books with stamped words.


7. Decorate A Makeup Compact with Comic Book Paper

Use comic book papers to decorate a makeup compact.

8. Dictionary Magnets

This idea teaches you how to make dictionary magnets.


9. Book Clock from Julie Measures

How to make a book clock? Follow this idea to make a wonderful clock using an old dictionary.


10. Filing Cabinet Makeover Using Vintage Books

Utilize vintage books for a filing cabinet makeover.


11. Knife Holder Made From Upcycled Books

Make a knife holder with the help of old books.


12. Fashionable Upcycled Old Book Purse

This idea lets you make a stylish and trendy purse using old books.


13. Ordinary Shelf Upgrade with Old Book Pages

Transform your shell with vintage books.


14. Repurposed Books Coat Rack

Learn how to make a coat rack using old books.


15. Repurposed Book Cover Storage Box

This idea from Girl In Garage teaches you how to make a cover storage box with vintage book covers.


16. Repurposed Books Light

This repurposed book light idea is one of the most fun and entertaining upcycled crafts with old books.


17. Stunning Old Book Page Paper Flower Wall Art

Make a paper flower with the help of old book pages.


18. Superhero Comic Book Letters

Learn how to make superhero book letters using old comic books.


21. Upcycled Book Pages Wreath

You can make a wreath using upcycled book pages.


23. Upcycled Children Books Calendar

This idea teaches you how to make a calendar for children using old books.



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