24 DIY Farmhouse Christmas Decoration and Crafts

Christmas is approaching. We are still in autumn, it is true, but it is the perfect time to start preparing the Christmas crafts to have them ready for December.

What makes me most excited about December approaching is thinking about starting to decorate the house a few weeks before: putting up the tree, turning on the lights and the fireplace with the Christmas socks hanging over it… That all invites us to enjoy a few family weeks, warm around the fire with a hot chocolate or a fresh coffee, with the oldest telling the kids stories about how Santa Claus will sneak through the fireplace to leave us gifts.

That is why we bring you 24 excellent farmhouse christmas decorations and crafts to start preparing your home to decorate with the greatest affection and the purest rustic Christmas charm.

1. Trees made of burlap wired ribbon

Make the trees out of a foam cone or poster board and tape around them the ribbon to make the foliage.

tutorial: thegirlcreative.com

2. Hanging christmas banner

With a string and a few pieces of burlap fabric, make a hanging banner which gives a message of warm welcome to your home. You can hang it above the fireplace.

tutorial: stonegableblog.com

3. Countdown clock

With a piece of wood, some permanent markers or paint, and an old needle, you can count down in the shape of a clock. Write down the days until Christmas and let the adrenaline wash over you as the magical night approaches.

tutorial: thriftyandchic.com

4. Two-dimensional Christmas tree

For small houses, getting a Christmas tree can be an ordeal. Hang Christmas decorations in the shape of a triangle on a piece of wood and hang the result on the wall as if it were a painting.

tutorial: livelaughrowe.com

5. Custom galvanized farm bucket

Getting one decorated or personalized in a store can be very expensive, instead paint it yourself and get a unique result.

tutorial: lilblueboo.com

6. Christmas sign

This can be more laborious to do, but the result will be more satisfactory. Create a platform out of pieces of wood and hang on it some custom painted metal or wooden letters.

tutorial: blesserhouse.com

7. A rack for Christmas socks

This one can also be laborious if you do it from scratch: with a fence post and some metal hangers. You will be able to hang the socks and other decorations, as well as the name of your family so that Santa does not leave the gifts of the wrong family!

tutorial: shadesofblueinteriors.com

8. Snow candles

Use a mason jar, pinecones or other decorations for the outside and fake snow for the inside. Don’t forget to make sure the snow is not flammable, or maybe you can use battery-powered candles to avoid accidents!

tutorial: craftsbyamanda.com

9. Custom sock hangers

With a piece of wood, a metal hanger and a little paint you can make a coat rack for each one.

tutorial: honeybearlane.com

10. Yarn Decorated Sock Hangers

You can also try decorating the hangers with the art of strings: with some nails and a little colored thread you can create beautiful drawings with it.

tutorial: theturquoisehome.com

11. Scandinavian centerpiece

All you need is clear wine bottles, some water, and a floating fir tree branch inside for a Scandinavian-style decor.

tutorial: lilyardor.com

12. Printable canvas sign

You just need a painting and a little imagination to personalize it (paint, fake snow, whatever!): Print the templates that you will find for free on the internet and you already have an awesome Christmas canvas sign.

tutorial: cleanandscentsible.com

13. Wood slice ornament

You can make your own hanging tree banner ornament with wood slices and a marker to decorate them!

tutorial: housefulofhandmade.com

14. Garland for the door

With some pieces of wood you can make the shape of a star and decorate it with mistletoe or foam letters to give a warm welcome to your guests.

tutorial: sixsistersstuff.com

15. “Noel” sign

Use a wooden base and wooden or metal letters to write “Noel” and decorate it with garlands, bells and other Christmas decorations to welcome Santa into your home!

tutorial: ahundredaffections.com

16.Repurposed Candle Holder Centerpiece

tutorial knickoftime.net

17. DIY Snow Globe Jars

tutorial: lizmarieblog.com

18. DIY Window Display

source: davidandcarolineparker.blogspot.com

19. Striped Galvanized Buckets

tutorial: uncommondesignsonline.com

20. Wire Basket Tree

tutorial: musingsfromafrenchcottage.blogspot.com

21. Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree

tutorial: funkyjunkinteriors.net

22. DIY Burlap Bow

tutorial: thetiptoefairy.com

23. Painted Mason Jar Centerpiece

tutorial: thefrugalhomemaker.com

24. Ornament Filled Lanterns

tutorial: dimplesandtangles.com

And so far our recommendations to decorate your home with a warm and familiar Christmas style. Use the ideas to personalize your home in the most authentic way possible and enjoy both the process and the result!


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