20 Ways to Keep Birds from Pooping on Decks, Patios, Balconies, and Pools

Tired of constantly cleaning bird droppings off your outdoor spaces? You’re not alone. Whether it’s your deck, porch, patio, balcony, roof or pool, keeping birds away can be a real challenge. But fear not! With theseĀ  simple tips, you can reclaim your outdoor oasis and say goodbye to unwanted bird mess.

I. How to Keep Birds from Pooping on My Deck, Porch, Patio, Balcony, Roof and Pool

1. Keep Your Deck, Porch or Patio Clean

Birds like messy decks with food scraps or dirt. Clean up regularly, especially after parties.

Check for holes or cracks where birds could get in and fix them quickly.

A tidy deck is important to stop birds from coming.

2. Use Bird Spikes

It is another great way to stop birds pooping on your decks and balustrades.

Put bird spikes on your deck railing or anywhere birds like to hang out.

These spikes make it uncomfortable for birds to land, so they’ll stay away.

You can find them online or at your local hardware store. They’re easy to install with a drill and some screws.

3. Keep Birds Away with Fake Predators

Noticing robins, sparrows, and other birds gathering around your outdoor spots?

Use plastic hawks or owls from a nearby store to scare them off.

Change their spots regularly to keep birds guessing and prevent them from settling in too comfortably.

4. Stop Birds with High-Pitched Sounds

Fed up with bird noise disturbing your peace? Get an ultrasonic sound device that emits high-frequency sounds birds can’t stand.

Look for ones that turn on when they sense birds or play sounds that scare them off, like predator calls or distressed bird noises.

5. Mirrors and Aluminum Foil Strips

A cheap way to keep birds away is to hang mirrors or aluminum foil strips on your deck.

Birds don’t like shiny things or seeing their own reflection.

The movement and reflection of light from these objects can scare birds away, keeping your deck clean.

While some may not like how it looks, it’s the most affordable option and a great way to recycle old CDs and DVDs.

6. Scare Birds with Spinning Pinwheels

Let the wind do the work with spinning pinwheels that make birds uneasy.

Choose colorful, metallic pinwheels to attach to fences or decks for both scaring birds and adding a playful vibe to your outdoor area.

7. Add Wind Chimes for Stylish Bird Prevention

Upgrade your bird-deterrent strategy with wind chimes that not only look good but also make soothing sounds.

Birds don’t like the unfamiliar noises and shiny surfaces of wind chimes, making them a subtle but effective addition to your bird-proofing plan.

8. Scare Off Birds with Reflective Diverters

Although not the prettiest sight, reflective bird diverters are a cost-effective solution. Hang them around your yard to mimic predator bird eyes, deterring other birds. As they sway in the wind, birds get the impression of moving predators. These diverters are affordable, available at most stores, and quickly put an end to unwanted visitors.

9. A Great Tip to keep birds out of your pool: The Fishing Line Trick

For above-ground pools, attach plastic clips around the edge and string fishing line between them.

This prevents birds from landing on the pool’s edge, keeping it poop-free.

It’s a budget-friendly solution, costing less than $20 for clips and line, and highly effective.

10. Terrify Birds with Floating Pool Predators

Scare off birds by placing inflatable alligators, snakes, or sharks in your pool.

These pool predators deter birds from landing nearby, keeping your pool area clean.

Consider adding rubber snakes around the pool for extra protection.

It’s a fun solution, especially for kids, and ensures birds steer clear without harming them.

11. Playful Pool Protection with Beach Balls

Opt for floating beach balls instead of inflatable animals to deter birds from your pool.

The colorful balls move with the wind, frightening birds away while blending seamlessly with your pool decor.

This affordable option adds a playful touch to your pool area and provides entertainment for guests.

12. Remove Temptations: Bird Baths & Fountains

Birds are drawn to water sources like birdbaths and fountains, inviting them to your outdoor space.

Consider removing or relocating these features to discourage birds from congregating.

By eliminating their preferred bathing spots, you encourage them to seek alternatives away from your property.

13. Trim Back Shrubs to Discourage Nesting

Trim dense shrubs lining your deck or patio to discourage birds from nesting or hiding in them.

Before pruning, check for existing nests to avoid disturbing them.

Once nests are empty, proceed with trimming to create a less appealing environment for birds.

14. Cut Off the Buffet: Eliminate Food Sources

Birds flock to bird feeders and trees bearing fruits and nuts, contributing to the poop problem.

Relocate or remove bird feeders to reduce bird activity around your property.

Consider using deterrents like wind chimes or mirrors on fruit-bearing trees to discourage birds without harming them.

If necessary, relocate trees to resolve persistent issues.

Lots of homeowners love having a deck or patio to enjoy outdoor living. But when birds start leaving their mark, it can ruin the fun. Bird poop smells bad and can damage your deck. Following the 14 bird deterrent methods above are some of the best ways to keep birds away from your Deck, Porch, Patio, and Pool, and as a result, will keep them from pooping…

II. How To Stop Birds Pooping On Your Mailbox

Bird poop on your mailbox isn’t just gross, it’s also not nice to look at. Here are some ways to stop birds from landing there and leaving their mark:

1. Use a smelly product that birds don’t like.

These products make the area around your mailbox stinky for birds, so they stay away without changing how your mailbox looks.

2. Try bird spikes from the store.

Put these on top of your mailbox to make it hard for birds to land there. It changes how your mailbox looks, but you won’t have to do anything else to keep birds away.

3. Use holographic tape. It reflects light in a way that scares birds, so they stay away.

This is a good option if you don’t want to use smelly products or change how your mailbox looks with bird spikes.

III. How To Keep Birds From Pooping In Your Pool

Here are some simple ways to stop pesky birds from bothering your pool, so you can enjoy your swim time in peace.

1. Cover Your Pool

It’s a smart move! When your pool isn’t in use, cover it up so birds can’t take a dip.

A pool cover stops birds from swimming and makes the water surface uncomfortable for those looking to relax on top.

2. Clear Away Food

This one’s obvious but important.

Get rid of anything that might attract birds to your pool area, like overgrown plants or trees with berries.

Even bird feeders can bring in more birds than you bargained for.

3.Use Pool Toys as Scarecrows

Get creative with what you already have!

Pool toys can double as decoys to trick birds into thinking there’s a predator nearby.

An alligator float or a fake owl might not look fancy, but they’ll help keep birds away.

Just remember to move them around occasionally so birds don’t catch on.