How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Entertained

There are various reasons why you might choose to keep your cat indoors. While cats are more than capable of looking after themselves, that doesn’t mean they’re not vulnerable to outside dangers. In the modern world, most of us live near at least one major road; therefore, it might be safer for your cat to keep them inside.


But how do you keep an indoor cat entertained? Bored cats can display all kinds of destructive behaviour, so it’s vital that you keep your cat engaged as much as possible. We have listed some tips to make sure your house-bound cat doesn’t get bored.


Cats love to play; it brings out their inner tiger and helps them reconnect with their evolutionary hunting instincts. But just because your cat spends its life indoors doesn’t mean that it can’t have some good fun. There are an abundance of cat toys available on the market, from laser pointers to dangly teasers to realistic mice and more. Remember to introduce new toys regularly to stop your cat getting bored. Don’t worry about having to spend money on the latest gadgets – cats are often easily entertained by the simplest objects. The tube from a toilet roll, a ball of string, or even a piece of rolled-up paper or tinfoil can keep a cat entertained for hours.

Outdoor access



You might have an indoor cat, but that doesn’t mean that your furry friend can’t also enjoy the great outdoors in safety. Securing your garden space with a fence topper to keep cats in is a very effective way to let your pet roam free without the risk of cars or other dangers. These fence barriers can be fitted onto fences, brick walls, or concrete posts and allow you to relax while your cat safely explores the garden. or you can build an Awesome Outdoor Cats Walkway and House like this.


If you’ve ever watched a cat react to catnip, you’ll understand why it’s on this list. The plant is renowned for making cats go giddy from its scent, with common effects including rolling around, getting ‘the zoomies’, drooling, vocalising and more. Remember, catnip has no effect if ingested – your cat needs to inhale its vapour to enjoy the benefits. A good idea is to look for cat toys that contain catnip, which you can buy in most pet stores.

Create height

It’s no secret that cats like to feel like they’re in charge, and the best way to do that is to create a platform for them to look down on their humans. Creating a high level for your cat to access not only allows them to survey their domain from above like a leopard in a tree, it gives them a safe area to escape to. This is especially ideal if you have young children or other pets that your cat might sometimes need a break from. You can create height for your indoor cat to feel superior from via shelves or a cat tree.


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Owning a cat is extremely rewarding and is usually hassle free. However, while it is often considered that cats need much less attention than other types of pets, they do need stimulation to stop them getting bored. This is especially challenging if your pet is an indoor cat. Birds and small mammals, new and exciting smells and other distractions are not as readily available indoors, so it’s vital that you keep your house cat entertained. Hopefully, with our tips, you can keep your indoor cat happy and safe.


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