10 Modern & Astounding Tile Floor Ideas For Your Home

Tile floors are a welcome addition to almost any room in a home. They can make any boring room look modern and stylish because of its smooth texture and shining surface. You can see them in almost any modern home. However, if you want to give your home interior a sudden change and personality of your choice then you should try the nontraditional tile surfaces. In other words, try innovative ways to install tiles that will certainly make your home stand out. So, its important to keep the flame of imagination and creativity burn while putting up tiles in your room. In order to let you get inspired, I decided to put together a list of some of my favorites. These 10 astounding tile floor ideas will leave you enthralled and make you want to try them immediately.

10. Hexagonal tiles make the floor stand out enough:

9. Enhance the personality of your bathroom by introducing yellow or grey in the sea of white tiles:

8. Pair light blue with dark or white with black to create a stunning contrast on your floor:

7. Create interesting fish scales pattern on concrete floor:

6. To make a penny floor, you will need epoxy, a little bit of adhesive, a lot of copper pennies:

via: livedan330.com

5. Create a unique transition with tiles on your hardwood floor. Tiles are great to use by a door entrance or tub surround:

4. Instead of going all the way up to the ceiling, consider arranging hexagonal tiles on only parts of the walls to create a dynamic pattern:

via: contemporist.com

3. Bring life to a boring wooden flooring with unique use of black hexagonal tiles:

2. By the creative placement of tile, you can bring area rug to a dining room or entryway:

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1. Stagger tile in a creative finish to add a little contrast:


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