The Most Fabulous 15 Epoxy Resin Wood Tables

Incorporating the natural elements into contemporary furniture designs is becoming popular. Epoxy resin table is such a kind of excellent design. Their look is like real agate slices, but these captivating tables are made of poured resin and natural wood. They are so unique and eyecatching and sure to be the focal point of their surroundings.

Glitter and Real Crystals Side Tables from Things I Like Today

Wood Tree Slice Table

Tree Root Resin Table

Resin River Rock Table from ResinRiverArtworks @ etsy

Live Edge Epoxy Coffee Table from Odywood @ etsy

Epoxy Countertop with Shells

Live Edge Epoxy Resin Office Tables

Purple River End Table

Epoxy Glaze Coated Penny Table from Epbot

Artificial Handcrafted Aquarium Table from KonohaVN @ etsy

Ocean Waves Resin Table

Resin Dining Table

Bullet Resign Table

Wood Infused Tables

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Tree Stump Table from