The Most Fabulous 15 Epoxy Resin Wood Tables

Incorporating natural elements into contemporary furniture designs is a growing trend, and epoxy resin tables are an excellent example of this. These captivating tables have the appearance of real agate slices, but are actually made from poured resin and natural wood.

Epoxy resin tables are not only visually stunning, but they are also incredibly durable. The epoxy resin coating adds a protective layer to the natural wood, ensuring that the table will last for years to come. Additionally, epoxy resin tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a versatile option for any living space.

Glitter and Real Crystals Side Tables from Things I Like Today

These side tables are a dazzling addition to any space. The combination of glitter and real crystals embedded in epoxy resin creates a unique and shimmering surface.

They are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to a living room or bedroom.

Wood Tree Slice Table

It is a unique piece of furniture made from multiple slices of tree trunks that have been skillfully pieced together. The natural rings and textures of the wood are beautifully preserved and highlighted by the epoxy resin, creating a striking visual effect.

With its natural look and feel, this table is a great way to bring a touch of the outdoors into your home. It’s perfect for adding a rustic, earthy vibe to any living space.

Tree Root Resin Table

This table features the intricate and twisted roots of a tree, preserved forever in epoxy resin. The table base is a work of art, with each root preserved in its natural state.

The clear resin top showcases the beauty of the wood grain, making this table a one-of-a-kind statement piece.

Resin River Rock Table from ResinRiverArtworks @ etsy

This table is designed to mimic the appearance of a river flowing over rocks. The smooth river rocks are embedded in clear epoxy resin, creating a unique and captivating surface.

The natural colors and textures of the rocks make this table an ideal choice for a rustic or natural-themed room.

Live Edge Epoxy Coffee Table from Odywood @ etsy

This coffee table features a live edge wood slab with an epoxy resin coating. The natural wood grain is highlighted by the clear resin, creating a beautiful and durable surface.

Epoxy Countertop with Shells

This countertop features a variety of shells embedded in clear epoxy resin. The shells are arranged in a stunning pattern, creating a unique and beautiful surface.

This countertop is perfect for a beach-themed kitchen or bathroom.

Live Edge Epoxy Resin Office Tables

This home office table feature a live edge wood slab with an epoxy resin coating. The natural wood grain is highlighted by the clear resin, creating a beautiful and durable surface.

Purple River End Table

This end table features a purple-colored epoxy resin river flowing through a natural wood slab.

The contrast between the rich purple and the natural wood grain creates a stunning effect. This table is perfect for adding a pop of color to any room.

Epoxy Glaze Coated Penny Table from Epbot

This table is covered in shiny pennies, which are sealed in clear epoxy resin.

The penny-covered surface creates a unique and eye-catching texture. This table is perfect for a playful and eclectic space.

Artificial Handcrafted Aquarium Table from KonohaVN @ etsy

This table features an artificial aquarium embedded in epoxy resin. The aquarium is handcrafted and contains a variety of colorful fish and plants.

Ocean Waves Resin Table

This table is designed to mimic the appearance of ocean waves. The clear epoxy resin is layered to create a three-dimensional effect, making it look like the waves are crashing on the shore. This table is perfect for a coastal-themed room.

Resin Dining Table

This dining table is covered in clear epoxy resin, which highlights the natural beauty of the wood grain.

The durable surface is perfect for hosting dinner parties and family gatherings. The clean and modern design of this table makes it a perfect fit for any dining room.

Bullet Resign Table

This table features a variety of bullets embedded in clear epoxy resin.

The bullets create a unique and edgy texture, making it perfect for a masculine or industrial-themed room.

Wood Infused Tables

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Wood Infused Tables feature a unique design where upright branches or trunks are infused within the clear epoxy resin to create a stunning and organic surface.

The natural texture and patterns of the wood are preserved, resulting in a beautiful and unique piece of furniture.

Tree Stump Table from

This table is made from a natural tree stump, which has been transformed into a functional piece of furniture. The stump’s natural bark is preserved and highlighted by the epoxy resin, creating a stunning effect.

This table is perfect for bringing a touch of rustic charm to any living space. Its natural texture and design make it a great conversation starter and a unique addition to any home.


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